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  1. Control of Thrips?
  2. Mystery Fungus
  3. Sul-Po-Mag
  4. USB bug zapper to kill fungus gnats
  5. Baby dwarf cavendish
  6. Stunted growth problem
  7. Advice on ruffled/curled leaves
  8. Sun Burn, or Over-fertilized?
  9. I'm new to growing banana plants, what say you about these two?
  10. What's eating my Namwa leaves ?
  11. Help - Brown stripes on leaves...
  12. PLEASE...check my photos and see if you can help!
  13. New gros michel pups!
  14. Proper leaf cutting
  15. Can you confirm my Suspicion: Black Sigatoka
  16. Help ?
  17. Dwarf Cavendish Bananna tree
  18. Help on my gros michel and ice cream
  19. White areas / spots on cigar
  20. Cold Hardy Banana Plant Questions
  21. Help My Dwarf Cavendish Please!
  22. Help! Banana leaves are turning yellow (and growth is stunted)
  23. Banana with leaf problem
  24. My poor tipsy tree
  25. Stunted growth/odd unfurling of leaves
  26. Spots on GM fruit
  27. Exploding bananas
  28. Sunburn?
  29. Root Development
  30. Bananas growing REALLY slow
  31. What am i doing wrong with my plantation?
  32. Ensete maurelii trouble
  33. What's wrong with my red banana plant?
  34. Baby Banana question
  35. Nutrient Deficient, or BBTV?
  36. What stops a plant...
  37. Bent Banana tree stem/leaf.
  38. new musa Basjoo's
  39. New plant turning brown after transfer to pot.
  40. Problem or no? (dwarf cavendish)
  41. need help after 2 year break
  42. Highgate leaves not fully unfolding
  43. Namwa in trouble.
  44. Stupid tiny insect
  45. Stupid little insect
  46. Black Sigota ?
  47. Tiny Black spots on Leaves, and pseudostem. Help?
  48. This just sounds too good to be true... Anyone heard of this?
  49. Fertilizer
  50. Cigar leaf browning
  51. Basjoo - thin and curled leaf just folded
  52. HELP!! Ants colonized my indoor bananas :nanertank:
  53. White stuff on stump
  54. Help - new to bananas
  55. Help! Normal Shipping Stress or Disease?
  56. feather meal for fertlizer
  57. Help
  58. What are these tiny black dots ? Is this sigatoka ?
  59. I guess I am now a banana surgeon... Any ideas what it is?
  60. Black sigatoka or something else?
  61. Did my banana plants come with panama and sigatoka diseases
  62. Help! Top of banana tree broke off in hurricane!
  63. Ensete maurelii in trouble!
  64. What is wrong here? Yellowing leaves and midribs
  65. Banana adding leaves but not growing taller
  66. Banana leaf rotted before growing
  67. More Cigar Leaf Issues (pics)
  68. Banana solar bags for bunch protection
  69. Spider mites on my banana
  70. Dispelling or confirming Banana leaf wive's tale?
  71. Problems with my Dwarf Red
  72. New leaf dried up.
  73. Black spots on stem and leaves?
  74. no flowers on stalk
  75. New Naner owner, no idea if this is a disease or normal or root rot?
  76. What is wrong with my Encete maurelli?
  77. Pup Transplanting Question
  78. Drooping cigar leaf
  79. Fusarium/panama disease
  80. Snow Banana yellow leaves with small brown spots
  81. Systemic insecticide by bayer safe to use on musa?
  82. Burrowing holes on new growth
  83. information re. SQUIRTER Disease in bananas?
  84. leaves not opening
  85. May have damaged the tree...help!
  86. Light Green New Leaves
  87. Caterpillars
  88. Musa basjoo sick
  89. Sikkimensis - Mould/Bugs/Disease/eh???
  90. New Banana owner need disease ID
  91. Orinoco Leaves Normal?
  92. Been outside a week and not doing well.
  93. Is this Black sigatoka?
  94. Yellowing of banana leaves
  95. Copper sulfate to treat a partially rotten corm?
  96. I Think My Dwarf Lady Finger is Dead
  97. My green friends need your help :(
  98. I am going to have to kill something, but not certain what...
  99. please help me with my banana tree
  100. I give up on my banana...
  101. Moving out of the propagator
  102. Insects
  103. winter kill
  104. new issue. bananas turning black & dying HELP
  105. My nearly dead banana ('nother update)
  106. Sick Keikis?
  107. Newbie looking for advice on two trees
  108. Bananas with leaf spots
  109. Sad Dwarf Cavendish Banana with dying leaves!
  110. Update on my nearly dead banana
  111. Banana Tree Health
  112. I think this one's near death...
  113. Need a little help.
  114. Musa red dwarf rusticity?
  115. Ice Cream Banana leaves flopping
  116. Bugs on Musa Basjoo?
  117. To all my fellow Floridians and other people in Matthew's way...
  118. Ice cream ->flag leaf->fruit...then dead?
  119. Thinning my musa basjo mat
  120. HELP! Yellowing, brown spots and droopy leaves. What disease?
  121. What causes new leaves like this?
  122. Killing insects before bringing banana inside
  123. Yellowing and brown leaf spots
  124. Caterpillars zone 5/6
  125. Berlin Banana problem: Soft yellow leaves
  126. Help me! I think my plants is dying!
  127. Our Namwah fruit aborting?
  128. What happened to my banana plant? :(
  129. Richard's Guide to Potted Plant care
  130. Sick nanas tipping over and dieing
  131. Just to Confirm, on these Black Spots...
  132. Bunching?
  133. Richard's Guide for homegrown bananas
  134. Banana plants facing some problem...Need help!!!
  135. Ensete maurelii - Slow Growth....
  136. Making My Own Insecticide with Canola Oil and Dawn Dish Soap
  137. HELP! What did I do?
  138. BSV? Something else?
  139. Something wrong with Ensete Maurelii
  140. Banana Care Automation
  141. Dog ran through Musa Basjoo
  142. Fertilizer - which one?
  143. New leaves snapping upon emerging
  144. first pup
  145. Root Knot Nematodes/Worms
  146. Banana fruits have dry scaly skin
  147. Dwarf tree not doing well
  148. Newly Transplanted banana Plant HELP!
  149. Why won't this thing grow?
  150. Losing Fruit
  151. Indoor banana plant stunted growth
  152. just tried to grow my first pup= Failure
  153. Separating my first pup...
  154. Too much moisture?
  155. Supposed Ice Cream problems, again.
  156. Oh dear. I think I've killed it
  157. Please Help, my dwarf Banana is losing leaves
  158. Is it a good idea to cut back the p stem?
  159. whats wrong with my dwarf banana
  160. Wilting leaves, starts at the edges (indoor self-watering pot)
  161. Okie Custom Lighting System
  162. Am I being paranoid...
  163. pup maintenance
  164. brown/black spots and discoloration - over/underwatering or something more nefarious?
  165. How to catch Fungus Gnats and it really works.
  166. Is this black sigatoka?
  167. Namwah and Ice Creams Very Sick
  168. Sick banana tree after transplant
  169. Why is my ensete pinching the tips of its leaves?
  170. Deficiency diagnosis tip
  171. Virus? Nutritional?
  172. Mysore emerging leaves breaking off
  173. Musa Picasso
  174. Siam Ruby health!
  175. Black Spots
  176. Do you trim off the leaves that split? (pic)
  177. CMV or BSV
  178. Little White Flies/Moths
  179. Cigar leaf tip ripping apart
  180. Brown streak on outside of unrolled cigar leaf. Overwatering?
  181. Help? Pests?!
  182. black spots on new leaves (musa tropicana/dwarf)
  183. Nutrient deficiency? Disease? Help please!
  184. What is eating at my plant?! (pic)
  185. Keep banana plant from falling over. Help!
  186. Learned something to watch for with Ensete
  187. How quickly does lime raise soil PH?
  188. how do I move a good sized plant without droop?
  189. My ensete maurelii is sick, can anyone tell me what's wrong? Link to pics inside.
  190. Red Abyssinian Banana - Problems
  191. how to deal banana has a yellow leaves
  192. What pest is this?
  193. Pruning LEAVES
  194. baby dwarf cavendish made baby's
  195. Lazy Musa Mysore
  196. New leaf goes soft brown in one afternoon
  197. Brownish marks on leaves any ideas what causes this?
  198. My banana plant got thinner
  199. Blackened ends on my unripe bananas
  200. fruit blackened, died
  201. What is happening to my tree.
  202. Advice On How To Care For Fruiting Bananas
  203. Bunchy top or another virus?
  204. brown patches on the leaves - sun?
  205. Ready for full sun & full watering?
  206. Normal adjustment period?
  207. Question about extreme dwarf banana
  208. Tesco bananas
  209. Yellowish green leaves
  210. Moving Giant Red Banana
  211. It's alive!
  212. The Myth of Soil Amendments
  213. Baking soda
  214. The Myth of Cloroxed Clippers
  215. The Myth of Hot-Weather Watering
  216. Any Banana Doctors in the House? Dwarf Cavendish Brown/Yellow Leaves
  217. What is going on with this Banana?
  218. Banana Borer
  219. Leaf color change diagnosis base on pictures
  220. Centre of Plant browning leaves
  221. Corm Question
  222. Leaf Damage
  223. Vigorless Tissue Culture ?
  224. Overwintering bananas?
  225. weird banana leaf. HELP!
  226. Over Fertilization?
  227. Nutrient deficiency?
  228. Weird looking pup
  229. What causes this leaf damage?
  230. Dwarf Namwah oddly tall this year
  231. pseudostem widening/separating apart ... ?
  232. Mona Lisa flowering at 6' and should be 12'
  233. Inner Yellow Flowers Keep Falling Off!! Help!
  234. Banana Plant dying
  235. Broken Plant - Pups?
  236. Banana leaf with burn? holes?
  237. Pups next to mother dying.
  238. Trimming many mats with same scissors, multiple opinions wanted.
  239. Leaning 15 foot banana plants
  240. Collapsing petioles on Blood banana
  241. I hate sigatoka
  242. sick bananas.
  243. Namwah fruiting troubles
  244. Question
  245. Fyi
  246. Perplexing leaf
  247. Gopher ate my red banana tree
  248. Lots of Banana plant feeding info
  249. Calcium and Boron Deficiency
  250. Problems with transplant