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  1. moving plants outside
  2. Browning of leaves something to worry about?
  3. Weather Rollercoaster
  4. Container Grown edible banana for PNW
  5. Newbie - should I do gradually or just go straight to bigger pot?
  6. Planting tip for Chini Champa corm
  7. Temperaturewise, when to move banana plants outdoors?
  8. Need Replacement Banana Food Recommendation
  9. Foliage-Pro application rate
  10. ID Musa banana from Home Depot
  11. mélande de substrat
  12. Container collection
  13. Java Blue and Gros Michel in container?
  14. Musa Cavendish please urgent help!
  15. Heat and moisture tips?
  16. Dwarf Cavendish pups
  17. New to banana plants, few questions.
  18. How late is too late to divide and repot?
  19. First Banana Plant...HAALLP!
  20. Container PH Check
  21. First banana plant, brown leaves :(
  22. Two pups side by side.
  23. Took my bananas outside. Is there now a problem?
  24. When to transplant from pot
  25. Is there a relation between Pups and flowering?
  26. Containers: width vs height?
  27. Large containers with no drainage holes
  28. Picked up this Dwarf Cavendish on a whim last summer
  29. Best place to order? Favorite varieties?
  30. Small outdoor greenhouse for container plants
  31. What PH for Bananas
  32. Is it dead or alive?
  33. Super d Cavendish
  34. What has caused this?
  35. Trouble after moving indoors
  36. Best container for indoor plants??
  37. plants growing indoors
  38. Zone 8: can I order bananas now, or do I need to wait?
  39. Strelitzia Mandelas gold dry from the inside
  40. Looking for Red banana plants
  41. Question on Potted plant
  42. Sick Plant
  43. Dry brown leaves
  44. Potassium deficiency
  45. Too late to repot?
  46. Cool winter storage of banana plants?
  47. Preparing a winter home for my bananas
  48. Dwarf Cavendish Banana help
  49. Overwintering container bananas
  50. Potting up?
  51. bunch of banana videos
  52. SeparatING pups of Truly Tiny and Double Mahoi
  53. Best potting mix for containers
  54. container bananas
  55. Another New York Bloom!
  56. New and Old
  57. Double mahoi
  58. 2nd Transplant in 2 weeks!
  59. Double Mahoi inflo bud started--usual newbie Q's!
  60. Rookie needing a coach! Southern Cali zone 10a
  61. Rookie needing a coach! Southern Cali zone 10a
  62. San Diego cool tolerant dwarf bananas
  63. Fruiting in container
  64. Oh no!! I broke my banana!! Is it over????
  65. inside small m. velutina with black tips on leaves?
  66. Fruiting bananas in pots.
  67. Alternate between container and ground?
  68. New to this and looking for sources
  69. PH Meter
  70. First Pup
  71. container for dwarf cavendish
  72. Manzano timeline
  73. Best Practices For Starting Corms in Pots?
  74. dc with poorly fomed leaves
  75. Banana leaf still wrapped around new one
  76. Banana getting good size p-stem
  77. 25 dollar investment
  78. Can I cut the pseudostem?
  79. Am I burning my banana?
  80. Winter Hibernating Setup
  81. Procrastination
  82. My indoor lighting experience.
  83. Polinators
  84. newbie here and need advice.
  85. A little help for a novice grower?
  86. My banana plant isn't doing too great...
  87. New Corms Landed and Booming
  88. .
  89. Question about shoots on bananas for a noobie
  90. Getting started, overwinter indoors?
  91. Grow light recommendations?
  92. Digital Thermometer For Potted Bananas Indoors
  93. Pots indoors for winter?
  94. Water?
  95. New Banana Plants
  96. Truly Tiny WTF!
  97. My first banana
  98. Is this tree revivable?
  99. Any Downsides to Raja Puri?
  100. What have I done?
  101. Edible varieties to grow indoors.
  102. Leaves growing to quick?
  103. Sun burn on my Dwarf. Will it survive?
  104. Do I need bigger pots?
  105. how many layers are too many to peel off a rotten pstem?
  106. W water
  107. lava rock to improve drainage?
  108. Super dwarf in Canada
  109. New banana dwarf cavendish
  110. Help me grow my banana in a pot
  111. Last years DC pups growing fast
  112. DIY - Large Self Watering Container
  113. What is the best tasting potted banana
  114. Can Musa Double Mahoi be container grown?
  115. HUGE Dwarf Banana
  116. Something bad happened
  117. super dwarf Cavendish (Baby)
  118. New Years banana
  119. Mother Plant shutting down? While Pups Flourish.
  120. Musa Poquito--what do you think?
  121. Winter problems or something else????
  122. Is it a lost cause? Truly Tiny
  123. My two dwarves look bad
  124. Pups in Container Plants
  125. Mother Plant Asleep?
  126. Horse manure with wood chips
  127. Cutest Pup Ever!
  128. Had an idea about overwintering some bananas in pots and need some advice.
  129. Fertilizing Container Dwarf Banana plants
  130. unhappy banana plant!
  131. Looking for Bananan
  132. Winter coming, mama and 3 pups????
  133. Sun baked container
  134. Dang Water Sucker
  135. To cut the pups now or later
  136. Sensitive plant around banana pstem?
  137. Banana survival over winter
  138. is this a show off or what?
  139. Bent Pstem
  140. Average time for pup
  141. More bananas flowering
  142. How does my plant look / Should I transplant?
  143. Over wintering ?
  144. Transplanted to a Container - All Well?
  145. Don't do this to your new pups
  146. Cigar leaf inside cigar leaf
  147. I was wondering...
  148. Creative Containers
  149. What am I doing wrong?
  150. Dwarf Orinoco
  151. what you think?
  152. Manzano Pup
  153. Praying Hands?
  154. Namwah in a small container
  155. Growing my Bananas in pots
  156. Gran Nain Flowering
  157. New leaves on gran nain twisted.
  158. Some more grand nain
  159. Doing something right...
  160. Newbie needs help!!!!!!!
  161. Musa Mahoi logistics--basic cultural questions.
  162. Update: Dwarf Cavendish in D/FW - 2 months old
  163. check out my Northern Banana progress...
  164. What are the Best Dwarf Varieties for Containers for the Midwest? Dwarf Gros Michel?
  165. Help! Dorf Brazilian, pot size, and soil to use.
  166. I moved my banana plant outside, and now the leaves are yellowing!
  167. Pot size
  168. Transplanting suckers
  169. Indoor growth conundrum
  170. Container drainage
  171. My indoor 'nana collection surviving winter.
  172. Grand Nain
  173. I think I killed my indoor banana plant. Help me?!
  174. cutting pseudo stem to reduce height of indoor container plant?
  175. grow light configuration
  176. 20 or so new houseplants.
  177. Fertilizer and soil for new banana?
  178. Want houseplant! Truly Tiny or SDC?
  179. Two year old SDC
  180. Another bloom on namwah!
  181. Leaf Patches
  182. Indoor banana tree
  183. Is it too late to transplant?
  184. question about containers
  185. Kill em? Let them run?
  186. Short Double Mahoi
  187. How would you handle this Little Prince mess???
  188. Ice Cream Banana
  189. Moved my SDC Outside
  190. whats wrong? pewnny banana
  191. Goldfinger
  192. I hope it grows into its container. :)
  193. Inducing Flowering SDC
  194. SDC stopped putting out new leafs.
  195. New growth smaller after winter
  196. Potting soil advice (newbie)
  197. Dwarf banana, new to growing bananas
  198. is this s a pup guys
  199. When to move my bananas back outside
  200. Problems Growing Dwarf Indoor Banana(Newbie)
  201. "Enano Gigante" leaf tip curl (newbie)
  202. Spring and my 2nd yr bajoo in 5 gal has 4 to 6 sprouts - should i thin
  203. Dwarf Cavendish
  204. Reflective Mylar
  205. where do i divide these?
  206. Any Advice for Container Grown Cavendish?
  207. Banana life span
  208. Splitting stem
  209. Hydroponic Banana Suggestions
  210. What not to do when you get fruit...
  211. Potted Ice Cream banana question
  212. What are some Great indoor fruiting banana plants?
  213. My First SDC Pups
  214. Dwarf Cavendish issues, new to banana growing
  215. banana not doing well
  216. Best type of potting mix?
  217. Little Greenhouse Enough for a Few Freezes?
  218. Feeding my SD Caven DR. Earth 6-4-6?
  219. Should I Repot These Before Bringing Them in for the Winter?
  220. Are my bananas too big for these pots?
  221. Recomend me a few dwarf varities
  222. Blooming Super Dwarf Cavendish and Dwarf Orinico
  223. We have another bloom in a large container!
  224. Thinking ahead for winter.
  225. Help! Is this cold damage?
  226. Cali. Gold prone to choking-like phenomenon?
  227. Is this normal?
  228. super dwarf cavendish
  229. Banananers in Wisconsin
  230. leaning tree of washington
  231. Perlite,sand etc.
  232. Question about potting young banana plants.
  233. my water bananas
  234. Pots blowing over?
  235. Got 2 New Bananas!
  236. Grow lights
  237. From the local Farmer's Market...
  238. blue Java in containers?
  239. Inside or Outside?
  240. How I Separated a Pup from a Container Grown Plant
  241. Separating Ice Cream Pups
  242. Help
  243. What does a pup look like?
  244. Preventing soil from compacting without causing problems.
  245. Finally able to come outside
  246. Perlite or vermiculite, organic compost or liquid fertilizer
  247. look what we just pulled out of the greenhouse!
  248. Should I Remove This Pup?
  249. Pot size for velutina?
  250. Our container garden