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51.944264879028765, 5.361328125, user:the flying dutchman

23-03-2007 Agristarts info is in the WIKI.

23-03-2007 Pages who have no picture can be listed by searching with the text 'no picture'

10-04-2007 Joe Reals info is added.

17-04-2007 In the forum discussed bananas added

18-04-2007 Created a template for the General Info pages.

18-04-2007 First two info pages about genetic names and genera

18-04-2007 Mailed Biodiversity for linking us. (former Inibap)

24-04-2007 Info:Fertilizer launched

07-05-2007 Mailed Ines van den Houwe fron Biodiversity at University Leuven.

09-05-2007 Hawaiian bananas added

11-05-2007 Info:soil page launched

10-07-2007 Hall of Fame launched

13-08-2007 Info:Translations launched

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