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The wiki at is designed to organize information about the different banana plants that exist throught the world.

A wiki is a website that belongs to a community of members, where each member is allowed to edit the text on the page for everyone else to see.

You can change what someone else wrote on a wiki, you can correct spelling errors, omit false information, overwrite old information with new information, etc.

The wiki is full of advanced tools that allow you to view the changes of each page as they progressed throughout time.

The more time you spend on the wiki, the more you learn about how it operates.

Each time you visit the wiki, you will probably learn something new about how it operates, and so you'll soon be comfortable with doing more and more work in the wiki.

The Help:Contents link on the left hand side of each page leads you to pages full of information to make your visit to the wiki more enjoyable.

The wiki is an extension of our main website which includes a forum, a photo gallery, and other areas to interact with our members and learn more about the banana plant.

Thanks for visiting and please spread the word about our site whenever you have the opportunity.