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This page is designed to get you going with the Bananas Wiki. For a more thorough general overview, please see this page, as its already populated with plenty of information: However, we will continue on with more info to get you going, in case you don't want to leave this page just yet. There will be additional links to more specific tutorials and help pages.

For Readers and Editors

Feel free to real all the pages on our site. If you decide you would like to contribute to the page, you must register for a new account using the link found at the top of any page. Then once your account is created, you'll log in, return to the page you were viewing, and then click the edit link found in the top menu.

Starting a new page

Occasionally, when browsing the site, you will see red links. These are pages that need to be created. To create them, if you have the time and feel like contributing, all you have to do is click the red link to be taken to the page so you can start typing your info. Also, if you do a search, and cannot find what you are searching for, that page would need to be created as well.

  • You're encouraged to start a new page by using these templates.
  • To setup redirects, this is the format:
    #REDIRECT [[pagename]]

If you think another person may search for the banana you've created a page for by using a different name or spelling, please create the proper redirect(s).

Editing a page

Go ahead! Add more info to a page! You are free to edit whatever you wish.

  • To sign your posts, use ~~~~ (four tildes). This will insert your name and the timestamp. To insert just your name, type ~~~ (3 tildes).

For more detailed instructions about filling in the page with your words, how to make links, how to make bold text, and other tips of that nature, please visit Help:Filling_the_Page

Working with images

To add images to your entries, we encourage you to upload photos to your gallery. Then, once they are uploaded to the photo gallery, you can embed them in your wiki entries. To post a picture in the wiki, just use the full url to the image and it will appear as an image (the wiki knows that if an url ends in .jpg or .gif it is an image) One little bug is that if your image ends with some numbers to identify which image you are calling to a script, you must end the url with .jpg to trick the software into parsing the url properly. So add &filefix=.jpg to the very end of your image link and that will fool the parser.

For more thorough information and usage examples, please see this help section:

Importing an existing page from another Wikipedia

Enter just the title of the page in this box: Special:Export save it to your hard drive, then upload it at this page: Special:Import

How to get your location on the maps in the wiki

For more thorough information and usage examples, please see this help section:

For Administrators and Moderators

Some useful links about how the core system software operates, settings variables, extensions, etc.:

Editing Templates


These links are useful reading when it comes to maintaining the wiki.

  • More info about renaming pages.
  • Please check the task list for a list of things to do, and, as usual with all the pages on the wiki, always feel free to add to the page!

Special Pages

It's highly recommended you become familiar with the links on the Special:Specialpages page.