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Jump to: navigation, search makes every attempt to withold high standards of quality information. Please consider everything you read on this website to be used as a guide only, some information may become outdated, some information may have been authored by one of several hundreds of our members, and as such, the things you read here may not apply to your personal situation.

Some people experience different things, learn different things, and share different information in different ways.

The information you read on this website is usually published to the internet by our members.

No warranty of the information found here is expressed or implied by either the administration team nor any of the members of the Society.

In addition, all images, text, and any other multi-media is copywritten and cannot be used without express written permission from the respective author as well as the IBS.

If you see something here that you would like to utilize for your own project, please contact us so we can discuss arrangements.