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Cultivar Name

Musa 'williams hybrid'




(credit MediaHound)


(credit MediaHound)


(credit MediaHound)


(credit MediaHound)


'Williams Hybrid' is one of the main bananas in commerce(2006). The plant grows to 6 to 8 feet. They produce very large heads of fruit that are sweet and delicious. Williams Hybrid is much shorter than 'Williams' or 'Giant Cavendish'

  • Genetic Group - AAA


  • Date realized in trade -


primarily used as a desert Banana.


  • Time To Bloom -
  • Time To Harvest -


  • Mature Height -

8-10 feet

  • Survival Zone -


  • Fruiting Zone - 9-10
  • Cold Hardiness -

Fair-good cold tolerance

  • Wind -

Wind seems to kink the petioles easily.

  • Sun -

Full sun to no less than 30% shade Temperatures best above 65F

  • Taste Description - sweet med texture similar to the Grand Nain
  • Personal Notes - The bracts are very colorful (multi colors) and showy, they curl a bit as well, its a wonderful sight.

And the fruits were great consistency, nice color change from green to yellow, peel thickness was thicker than Kru but less than RajaPuri, fruit texture was a bit firm, color I think I recall was golden yellow, maybe slightly orange, aroma was fruity and delicious, very very excellent flavor. All wonderful marks across the board. Yield was medium-high as well. When they ripened here, they did not have long of a shelf life, so enjoy them when they are good. The pseudostem height to where the leaves started was about 5' or 6' feet, with the leaf straight up, maybe 9' total or so. MediaHound 00:17, 17 May 2008 (EDT)

  • Growth tips - Sun burns in late after noon sun in hot climate's

Known Afflictions

  • Pests -

Borers, grasshoppers and root nematodes

  • Susceptible Diseases -

Panama disease and black Sigatoka

  • Resistant Diseases -

Panama disease

Research Notes

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