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Cultivar Name

Musa 'Texas Star'




This excellent banana tree grows 6-8 feet tall with tasty, medium size fruit and produces a sweet flavor. The original trees were obtained from Wichita Falls, TX in 1978 by TyTy and have proven to survive cold better than any other banana trees on our test plots. Trees have survived 0 degrees in Jan of 1984 and some of the original trees left growing at Wichita Falls. They produced fruit in the winter of 1989-1990 when temperatures there fell to minus 16 degrees F. In the fall these trees develop brilliant yellow streaks and splotches that add lively color to your landscape.

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  • Time To Bloom -
  • Time To Harvest -


  • Mature Height -

6-8 feet

  • Survival Zone -


  • Fruiting Zone -
  • Cold Hardiness -Zone 8 and higher, perhaps into zone 4 with adequate protection. As far as we can tell, this may be the most cold-hardy banana plant that produces edible fruit.

Here is a link to some winter protection ideas for it in zone 4. [1]

  • Wind - the trunk is very strong and does incredible in wind although if potted the leafs act as sails and can tip the pot over.
  • Sun - grows about 2 leafs a week in full sun
  • Taste Description -
  • Personal Notes - very fast and cold hardy grower.Resistant to wilting and burning if watered (unlike most bananas).Does ok under standard grow bulbs.
  • Growth tips - very fast and puts out height.rarely send out suckers.

Known Afflictions

  • Pests - Spider mites
  • Susceptible Diseases - Particularly btv (bunchy top virus)
  • Resistant Diseases -

Research Notes

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