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Cultivar Name

Musa 'ka-ua-lau'




(credit Chironex)


Many Little Raindrops" has fruit that looks like Maoli, except that when immature the dark green skin is speckled with light green spots which resemble fine raindrops, hence the name meaning "Many little raindrops." The leaf is solid green, shaped exactly like that of Maoli. The skin of the fruit is medium thick, rich yellow when ripe, and looks "waxy". The flesh is light yellow, good only for cooking in the oven but not for Piepiele. The fruits are straight, plump, and blunt. The leaf is broad, midrib pinkish, petiole green with pinkish margins, trunk of moderate height, tapering, green with brown patches. it is common in Puna, Hawaii where it is said to be a heavy bearer and is a favorite for cooking - reported also in Kona and on Oahu. Cold tolerant to 4,000 feet on Maui. Easy to grow producing many Keiki's, Fruit yellow outside, yellow-orange or orange with a translucent center on the inside. Very colorful male flower, burgundy on a yellow background. Can grow at lower elevations and is wind tolerant.

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