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The undisputed King of the Musa family, this magnificent, wild species grows to a staggering 16 meters in height and literally towers over parts of the surrounding Nothofagus forest. It has been found growing on the edges of the highland Kau swamps at elevations of 2000 meters. This is the largest herb in the world. Pseudostems growing 2 meters or more in circumference, sparsely suckering, its leaves can reach a mature size of 5 meters long and 1 meter wide with pedicles growing to a length of 60 cm. The inflorescence is white with peduncle approximately 10 cm wide. Ingens has a heavily-fruiting raceme of 20 or more hands - each with approximately 16 to 25 fingers per hand. This plant requires a fairly drastic fluctuation of day to night temps of 30 degrees or more in order to thrive. It prefers cooler evenings.

(Authors Note)the above descriptions are lacking in many details more scientific field studies are required

  • Genetic Group -

Ingentimusa, 2n=14


Papua New Guinea highlands specifically, Kau swamp highland. Archaeological evidence from digs in 1970 conducted by the School of Archaeology and Anthropology, Australian National University, Canberra suggest its cultivation as a food crop as early as 6440 B.C.

  • Date realized in trade - not currently commercially available was cataloged in Papua New Guinea: Simmonds (1956b), Argent (1976), Allen in the 1960's (Rosales et al. 1999) and finally the IBPGR project at then end of the 1980's (Sharrock 1989).

(Authors Note) possibly more but further research on this subject is required.


Grown as a food source prehistorically now considered a mainly wild, rarely domesticated species. In domestication, it is grown as a rare curiosity or for scientific research. Having a chromosome number of 2n=14 it does not cross with other sections of bananas.


  • Time To Bloom - estimated to require 10 to 15 years
  • Time To Harvest - unknown


  • Mature Height - 16 meters

50ft (reports up to 100ft)

  • Survival Zone -purported to have survived in zone 9b
  • Fruiting Zone - 9b
  • Cold Hardiness - 9b
  • Wind - good wind tolerance .
  • Sun - Moderate sun, based on its height growing largely above typical canopy of indigenous Forest of New Guinea) all known pictures show Engentamusa Engens growing out in the open and not as an understory Plant
  • Taste Description - Seeded - was grown for corm prehistorically
  • Personal Notes - so far vary few individuals have even attempted growing this largest of the Papua New Guinea Bananas its difficult to grow liking a vary tempered almost cloud Forest type of environment takes a decade or more to reach maturity and growing to reported heights of 60ft making it totally unsuitable for most home grower. reports to date that all attempts to grow Ingen have failed
  • Growth tips -

Will not grow in a tropical climate, needs cool nights 60 degrees Fahrenheit - no higher then 80 degrees Fahrenheit to survive. Has only been grown by two or three members. (insert your name here if you have grown it) It needs high levels of organic matter based on the fact that it grows near a swamp. Due to its gigantic size, water requirements, although unknown specifically, would have to be high. (best guess)

Known Afflictions

  • Pests - unknown
  • Susceptible Diseases - unknown
  • Resistant Diseases - unknown

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