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Cultivar Name

musa 'iholena'




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'Yellow core' Iholena is a great favorite and grows anywhere. It is good to eat fresh when ripe or cooked. Its name 'yellow core" describes the salmon-pink color of the ripe flesh. The bunches are small and the fruits are angular, plump in the middle, arranged loosely on the stem and stand out at right angles to the stem. The skin is thin and green when immature and yellow when ripe. The leaf blade is light green with an edge like a narrow dark brown ribbon which contines down the edge of the petiole channel. The young leaf is bronze colored on the under side. The trunk is green with streaks of purple and pink. It grows well on the high windy slopes of eastern Maui and also flourishes near native homes in the lowlands, as in Honolulu. Also called Hilahila, according to Pope (62, p.42).

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