Musa Grand Nain

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Cultivar Name

Musa 'grand nain'


'Gran nain'



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  • Genetic Group - AAA==Description==

'Gran Nain' is an outstanding banana variety growing from 6 to 8 feet. unlike the dwarf Cavendish the gran nain is not solid green in color. the easy way to differentiate gran nain from dwarf Cavendish is the color of the pseudo stem. gran nain has a stout red/rust pseudo stem with a dark speckling pattern in a few places. the pups have red mottling on the leaves which are less visable when they mature. the male flowers on the gran nain are non persistent. the dwarf Cavendish male flowers tend to cling and wither up between the terminal bud and the bunch. gran nain is Very attractive for its landscaping potential and good wind resistance. The 'Grand Nain' produces very large heads of delicious fruit. Bunches may weight up to 150 Lbs. This is a commercial variety that you buy in the grocery store. The purchased ones are good but if you grow this one yourself you'll see how wonderful these can taste. The full sized fruit ripen rapidly.


  • Date realized in trade -


Desert banana

==Flowering== the flower is reddish purple to fuchsia with yellow vertical streaks.. the gran nain's male flowers are mostly non persistent(fall freely after they appear.)

  • Time To Bloom -
  • Time To Harvest -


  • Mature Height -

6-8 feet

  • Survival Zone -


  • Fruiting Zone -
  • Cold Hardiness - Does not handle the cold very well, damage occurs from latex coagulation at temperatures slightly above freezing.
  • Wind -

Good wind resistance

  • Sun -
  • Taste Description - Homegrown it taste much better than the store bought fruit.
  • Personal Notes -In order to produce the large sized, aesthetically perfect fruit found at the grocer, the bunch needs to be deflowered, debudded, and possibly dehanded soon after all the hands have emerged. Bagging the fruit will help keep it free of blemishes.
  • Growth tips -

Known Afflictions

  • Pests - Thrips
  • Susceptible Diseases - Black Sigatoka, Cordana Leaf Spot, Cigar End Rot
  • Resistant Diseases -

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