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Cultivar Name

Musa 'dwarf brazilian'


Santa Catarina Prata, Prata Ana



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This is very similar to the larger 'Brazilian' but much shorter. Its sweet bananas are also smaller than that of the 'Brazilian'. It should be grown more widely as it has good wind resistance and very tasty fruit. Its smaller stature makes it more suited to small gardens, greenhouses and large containers. This banana-cultivar was imported from Brazil in 1979 and is a dwarf mutant form of 'Brazilian' known as "Santa Catarina Silver' or 'Santa Catarina Plata'. It fruits between 7.5 ft to 13 ft. It has a strong thick pseudo stem and a strong root system. Leaves are medium in length and will reach mature sizes of 1 meter. Leaves tend to be quite leathery and tough. It has shown good wind tolerance in storms up to 50mph. It has a tendency to hold its leaves tight with short petioles. The color ranges from Kelly green to a nice deep Forest green. It is cold tolerant, and resistant to all diseases. Fruit will ripen on the plant without splitting. The male flower is quite tasty when cooked and eaten in a salad.

  • Genetic Group -



  • Date realized in trade -



Desert, excellent fruit


  • Time To Bloom - 18-24 months
  • Time To Harvest -

6-8 months to ripen... (sputinc7) Mine flowered in 9 months and was ripe in 14.


  • Mature Height -

6-13 feet

  • Survival Zone -


  • Fruiting Zone -9-11
  • Cold Hardiness -

One of the cold hardiest edible bananas

  • Wind -

Good wind resistant

  • Sun - Shade part sun. Does not like full sun in hotter dryer climates. Needs more shade the higher your elevation; protect above 2000ft.
  • Taste Description -
  • Personal Notes - pups easily with higher nitrogen fertilizers. This banana is one of the tougher ones. Doesn't need as much water as some of the Hawaiian variates. Good heat tolerance. Grows well in arid climates and higher elevations. Has been known to tolerate winds in excess of 45mph. Grows well even with severely shredded leaves.
  • Growth tips - harden off to sun exposure at higher elevations. Water moderately, but do not flood. Grows well in pots. Feed regularly 10-10-10 or higher 20-20-20 with care. Grows well in full shade. Tolerates high temps with sun protection.

Known Afflictions

  • Pests - Resistant to aphids at maturity. Susceptible to spider mites, root borers, soil nematodes and leaf rollers.
  • Susceptible Diseases - Somewhat resistant to Panama disease.
  • Resistant Diseases -

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