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Cultivar Name

Curare Enano


Dwarf False Horn Dwarf Hartón



Curaré Enano is a dwarf cooking-plantain from Cental America, with excellent fruit quality. A good bunch has about 35 good quality fruits and very few smallish ones. Curaré bananas can be fried, baked or boiled. It is perfect for making patacones or plantain chips.

Its total height is just 2,5 m, so it is prized because it is less susceptible to wind damage and easy to harvest. It also fits in greenhouses or mesh-houses of non tropical climates.

Leaves often have wavy blades. This is not a disease or disorder but it is typical of this dwarf cultivar, a difference in morphology just like its dwarfness.

Curaré Enano is an AAB banana, classified in the False Horn cluster of cooking plantains. It is also known as Dwarf Hartón, because the quality of the fruit is similar to Cuerno (= Harton, Horn Plantain). It originated in Central America as a mutation of the tall Curaré. This shorter clone was originally distributed by CATIE reseach centre in Costa Rica. It is mainly grown in Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, Dominican Republic, Ecuador and Colombia and exported all over the world.

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AAB subgr. Plantain cl. False Horn


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