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This invention relates to a new and distinctive hybrid banana variety designated as ‘CQB 114’. The new hybrid variety was the result of a field cross performed at Fundacion Hondurena de Investigacion Agricola (FHIA) in 2005 in La Lima, Cortes, Honduras between SH-4001×Pisang Mas (both unpatented). SH-4001 is a tetraploid French plantain (AAAB) with high content of provitamin A carotenoids (pVAC) from the FHIA germplasm collection. The male parent, Pisang Mas is a naturally occurring diploid (AA). Pisang Mas produces small bunches and very sweet-flavored fingers, which are eaten fresh or used as dessert and are sweeter than the common Cavendish banana.

‘CQB 114’ was selected in 2008 from several first-generation seedlings from the cross between SH-4001×Pisang Mas. It was selected as a triploid hybrid that maintained the productivity, high content of pVAC, and black Sigatoka leaf spot disease-resistance of its SH-4001 female parental line and produced the very sweet-flavored fruit of the male parental variety Pisang Mas.

‘CQB 114’ is a hybrid banana variety that has high provitamin A cartenoid content, has resistance to black Sigatoka leaf spot disease, and produces-sweet-flavored fruit that can be eaten fresh or used in desserts; or eaten green when cooked.

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