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Keys for Identifying a Banana-plant

  • Developed by Gabe15 for the members and guests of

1. a. bunches erect, go to 2. b. bunches pendent or horizontal, go to 3.

2. a. bracts polished, go to 4. b. bracts not polished, go to 5. c. persistant yellow bracts, hairy green fruit...Musella lasiocarpa

3. a. seed in fruit, go to 6. b. seedless fruit, go to 9.

4. YOU HAVE A CALLIMUSA. (have pictures of each species you can buy) a. persistant red bracts with yellow tips...Musa coccinea b. non-persistant red bracts with yellow tips, green fruit...Musa beccarii

5. YOU HAVE A RHODOCHLAMYS. (more pictures of each for reference) a. green fruit, orange/pink bracts with yellow tips...Musa laterita b. green fruit, pink/purple bracts...Musa ornata c. green fruit, yellow/cream bracts...Musa siamensis d. pink fuzzy fruit, pink bracts...Musa velutina e. there are lots of these... so im stopping here

6. a. suckers at base, go to 7. b. no suckers produced, go to 8.

7. YOU HAVE A WILD EUMUSA. a. green/yellow bracts, wings on petiole...Musa basjoo b. bracts purple on outside, red on inside, rounded leaf bases...Musa balbisiana c. leaves red underneath, red stripes on top, green fruit...Musa acuminata subsp. zebrina d. leaves red underneath, red stripes on top, red fruit...Musa acuminata subsp. sumatrana e. purple bracts, green fruit, large smooth black seeds...Musa sikkimensis

8. YOU HAVE AN ENSETE. a. waxy green plant, green bracts...Ensete glaucum b. waxy green plant, purple bracts...Ensete superbum c. waxless green plant with red midribs, red bracts...Ensete ventricosum d. waxless red plants with green margins, red bracts...Ensete ventricosum 'Maurelii'

9. YOU HAVE AN EDIBLE EUMUSA a. rounded leaf bases....go to 10. b. non rounded leaf bases.... go to 11.

10. YOU HAVE AN ABB. a. big ass plant (20-30ft), rounded male bud, plump angled fruit...Musa 'Saba' b. large plant (10-15ft), bluish green angled fruit...Musa 'Ice Cream' c. medium sized plant (10-12ft), few hands of green strongly angled fruit... Musa 'Orinoco' d. small plant (4-6ft), few hands of green strongly angled fruit...Musa 'Dwarf Orinoco' c. fused fingers...Musa 'Praying Hands'



(credit Gabe15)


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