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Looking for something to do on the wiki? Check out some of these things that you could do:

  • Author Article Pages - Please start by listing the bananas you grow in your profile. Then, for each, please locate it's respective page and add your location to the map. Then add some information about your experiences growing the plant, how tall it gets where you are, the yield, the flavor, cultivation notes, useful links, photos, etc.
  • Add Photos - Everyone is always appreciative when we find new photos in the wiki. Please visit the list of pages, and help bring photos from the photo gallery or from your personal collection into these pages. Start with any banana plant, and perform a search for this type in the photo gallery. From the gallery display page, you will be offered some pre-formatted code to insert into the respective wiki page. Place any pertinent pictures back into that page in the wiki. Having two tabs open really helps! The link to upload photos of your own is here.
  • Pin The Maps - Each page in the wiki has a section to identify the members that are actually growing that exact type of banana plant. Using the map feature is fun and easy. You will see a link that reads "edit" all the way to the right, under where the page reads: "Members Growing This Banana". You need to know your latitude and longitude, but we have another interactive map where you can easily find it, and store it for later use easily in the wiki. When you are editing a map to add your location, you'll make a new line between the map tags and add your entry below the prior one, leaving the prior ones alone. Save and thats it. This is an example entry:
26.063414912034293, -80.25358263521576, [[User:MediaHound]]

The first number is the latitude, followed by a comma and a space, then you see the longitude followed by a comma and a space, then open bracket open bracket which translates into "open link" followed by User:Mediahound which is the userpage in the wiki, followed by close bracket close bracket. The brackets tell the site that we're linking to whatever is in between them. You can put whatever personal blurb of text that you want there, and whatever you put after that second comma is what will appear in the balloon when someone clicks your pushpin on the map. Now take a look at the source of that map in action:

===Members Growing This Banana===

<googlemap lat="29.840644" lon="-26.015625">

26.063414912034293, -80.25358263521576, [[User:MediaHound]]


To add your location to any map, you would put a new line under the previous line and, copying the format they used, put in your info instead.

We're always happy to help anyone having trouble with the maps. Please visit the support forum.

You can find your latitude and longitude if you've entered your location on the general member map that the forum has here: If you've placed your location there, you can find your lat and long inside the "Map Me" link that appears under your username next to your posts as well as on the "your entry" page here in the map. We will soon be using this profile field to make it easy to place your location into the maps in the wiki pages.

  • Add Synonyms And Translations - Browse through some of the bananas listed, and if you know of another name for any of them, please add it to the synonyms section on that page.
  • Help Remove Spam - Check the recent changes page and verify that all of the changes are actually valid. Check all changes by unfamiliar members, as a spammer may drop a list of links into an invisible div tag on any random page. We have yet to be hit but sooner or later we will be a target. Please help moderate and check all changes.
  • Add Internal Links To Other Pages: If there are any new pages created recently that should be linked to from elsewhere in the wiki, please add the links where they could be used. Check the Special:Recentchanges page for these new pages.
  • Become Familiar with the special pages as, from there, you can find tons of other useful links and ideas to help out around the wiki.