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Cultivar Name

Musa 'Truly Tiny'




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There is some dispute as to the genetics of this plant. The original is a sport of Dwarf Brazilian exhibiting super dwarf characteristics with vigorous growth. It is also observed to produce small fruit similar to Dwarf Brazilian. However, many plants sold in recent years as "Truly Tiny" do not exhibit characteristics completely consistent with the Brazilian family of bananas (AAB). These plants which comprise the majority of plants sold as "Truly Tiny" have characteristics that are more similar to the Cavendish family (AAA). It is believed that these are mostly likely a super dwarf sport of Dwarf Cavendish, or in fact, simply a renamed Super Dwarf Cavendish. Both the original and more common type are reported to yield small fruits of 3/4 to 2 inches at around 3 feet.

  • Genetic Group - AAB (Lady Finger Group) ORIGINAL
              - AAA (Cavendish Group) COMMON TRULY TINY


Florida, USA

  • Date realized in trade -


Containers Open Plantings Border Plantings Foliage Fruit (Small Amounts)



  • Time To Bloom -
  • Time To Harvest -


  • Mature Height - 2 and 3 feet
  • Survival Zone - 9-10
  • Fruiting Zone -
  • Cold Hardiness -
  • Wind - Resistant to leaf tear, highly resistant to toppling & uprooting
  • Sun - Partial Sun to Full Sun, seems to do best with some shade
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