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Default Re: Quiz for Expert Member seal

I was a little hesitant to post on this one. I just recently received the badge. Do I deserve it? I don't know. Someone obviously felt I did. I agree with both sides of the fence, but personally am more on the negative side of this fence. There is the issue of cheating, whether it's timed or not. I know for myself, if I had to, I could pass a timed internet test with "cheating". I know for some, test timing would also take longer than say MediaHound or Gabe, but they might (even without cheating) take longer to answer those questions. Plus it would HIGHLY be unfair to give the test to the person(s) writing up the test and average out their scores because they'll fly through the test already knowing what the questions are and their answers and not have to even put any mental thought into it.

Personally though i don't feel being able to go and find the answer while taking a test such as this would in fact be cheating, but rather learning. So therefore a test really wouldn't validate anything more than your ability to learn. Isn't that what the site is all about? Learning from one another. Be happy, grow and eat bananas! Having just said that, I believe we could do away with the "expert" badges! Don't make any one feel any more or less inferior. Also I don't feel that there could be any specific good test for being considered a "banana expert." To truely become an expert, you'd of had to have made your life dedicated to bananas! Go to school to learn only about herbaceous plants, continue that studying into the musa family and dedicate your life to it. I don't know anyone here that has done that at all, but maybe there is one or two out there. I know one or two that might be close to having a musa dedicated life, but by far I personally only believe not even halfway there! Even Jarred has a life beyond! You can be very knowledgable about how to care for the plants, but in many cases that knowledge also can only apply to your own experiences, conditions, say what zone your in, your soil, the seasons you have, your methods of mending your soil, organic/non-organic... and that list could continue on and on and go into sub catagories such as TCing, seeds and other forms of propagation.

However I do feel a test in fun would be nice. It would let people validate what they know, and let them learn what they haven't and might be fun and helpful to new members as well to let them learn basic care. Just put the test in the main catagory and sticky it on the top!

Now for my feelings summed up, as if I hadn't said them yet. LOL I think we should all just enjoy the site, and not get so hung up on a badge or title. It's not like it's going to further our lives if we do or don't have it. We know what our own knowledge is, but at the same time, knowledge is learning, and learning becomes knowledge. Would I take the test? Only if it were a test for fun. I don't need a badge to show who I am. Again, grow and eat bananas, be happy!
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