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MediaHound 09-09-2006 12:19 AM

Banana Spring Rolls

3 tbsp plain flour
Water to mix
1 bunch ripe cooking bananas (Pisang Raja, Abu or Awak)
Frozen spring roll sheets
Oil for frying
(No quantities for this recipe – just make as many as you want/need.)

1. Before starting to wrap the bananas, make a sealing paste by mixing just enough water to the flour to make a thick paste.

2. Peel bananas and slice lengthwise into 0.5 cm slices.

3. Place a sheet of spring roll in front of you, diagonally. Place a few slices of banana and fold to enclose them. Fold the two sides towards the middle and seal the edge with a dab of sealing paste. Make as many rolls as you need.

4. Heat oil to a depth of 5 cm (either in a saucepan or wok) over medium heat and fry a few rolls at a time, till golden brown – this will take 2 – 3 minutes. Remove rolls as they cook onto a paper-lined basket.

5. Serve warm. Dust with a little icing sugar before serving, if you like. These are great as teatime treats. They are also easily “glamourized” – to serve them as dessert, drizzle with a fruit or chocolate sauce. A scoop of vanilla ice cream also goes brilliantly with this.


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