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susan searles 08-19-2017 03:45 AM

I am very excited to have just bought a Patupi! After reading about it I really wanted to grow it. It will be a great addition to my little collection.

Botanical_Bryce 08-19-2017 07:54 AM

Re: Patupi
Wise choice. Have not had mine long at all and it has grown so fast. Better choice than Veinte Cohol IMO even though I have not gotten fruit yet.

susan searles 08-19-2017 08:09 AM

Re: Patupi
I got Viente Cohol a couple of weeks ago. They will both be fun to have, I think.

geissene 08-20-2017 04:38 PM

Re: Patupi
Good luck with your Patupi. I have had one for a year in PA and have made no progress in growing it. It is a true 'snowflake' compared to my VC. The patupi seems to be sensitive to over watering, sensitive to cold, sensitive to being dug up and potted, sensitive to lighting conditions. It has died back to the corm about 6 times already. Not sure why I have so much trouble with it but I would love to hear your success story with it by next year!!


susan searles 08-20-2017 04:51 PM

Re: Patupi
Oh, Eric! That is not encouraging! I'll use lots of perlite and hope to winter it under lights. Hope it works. It is an expensive banana so this may be a one shot deal for me.

geissene 08-20-2017 04:56 PM

Re: Patupi
Hi Susan

The plant may die but the corm/roots will continue to live so it keeps sprouting new babies for me.

It is a very pretty red plant, but the one I have just difficult to grow. Good idea with your soil choice, I may switch to that also.

HMelendez 08-21-2017 05:37 AM

Re: Patupi

Originally Posted by susan searles (Post 308578)
I am very excited to have just bought a Patupi! After reading about it I really wanted to grow it. It will be a great addition to my little collection.

Congrats Susan!.....Now just need to follow the famous and "patented" phrase "Grow it like your stole it!".......from experienced member cincinnana (Mike).......LOL!.....Good luck!....

hdynad 08-21-2017 06:25 AM

Re: Patupi
Susan, i grow Patupi as well, i have in containers and 1 in the ground and are last years plants. Mine are slow growing and are almost 3 ft. and did not freeze last winter and had minimal protection of a freeze cloth and much. However i am in zone 9 i hope you have great success,


geissene 12-07-2017 12:20 PM

Re: Patupi
Hi all - bumping this thread!

So how are everyone's Patupi plants doing now that winter is coming??


Erik G

susan searles 12-07-2017 04:01 PM

Re: Patupi
Actually, not great. Mine was just kind of sitting with one small leaf. I had it under a light in a cool room. When it started getting cooler the leaf started to brown around the edges so I brought it into a warmer room and put it in a bright window. The leaf died in a day. Right now I have it in a warmer area under a light. It is alive and the corm looks ok but it isn't doing anything - just sitting there. But, just sitting there is better than dying.

geissene 12-07-2017 09:06 PM

Re: Patupi
Hi Susan

Thanks for the reply. Sorry to hear that your plant isn't very active. In my experience, once the main plant stops growing it doesn't restart. But the leaves tend to keep the corm energized until more pups sprout. My plant is in the same situation as yours, I have it under a grow light in a cool basement. I mist daily but water only once every 2 weeks or so.

I am still trying to get a patupi to grow but this one is proving to be a challenge.

Good luck!


cincinnana 12-07-2017 10:37 PM

Re: Patupi
The plant is a beautiful plant and prolific pupper and seems to like a container.
So far it overwinters well in the basement under cfl's along with a few others.
The plant seems to be a disappointment as well as a few other plants that have been implied as short cycle for northern climates

I have had it for 2 years....grown in good conditions, and my Basjoos and Orinocos and Brandywines still beat it.

For me it seems a container banana plant will take up to 5 seasons before I get a flower, so I have some time left.

I know the plant does well in warmer zones and longer grow seasons and the folks really seem to enjoy them.

The plant was sold by by forum member as a super short cycle plant in cooler zones.

It was implied the plant was a short cycle plant and would go from pup to flower, and give delicious fruit in less than a year in northern zones right out of the box.

geissene 12-08-2017 11:24 AM

Re: Patupi
Thanks for the feedback. It may not be a fast grower, but it is a pretty plant with nice red coloring.

That is a good idea to keep my patupi in a container next summer. My plant didn't like being in the ground and the transplant shock caused more problems than it was worth!

How tall is your plant after 2 years?

cincinnana 12-09-2017 06:02 PM

Re: Patupi

Originally Posted by geissene (Post 311560)
Thanks for the feedback. It may not be a fast grower, but it is a pretty plant with nice red coloring.

That is a good idea to keep my patupi in a container next summer. My plant didn't like being in the ground and the transplant shock caused more problems than it was worth!

How tall is your plant after 2 years?


Eric ....I find it amazing your VC got a flower this year ....mine has never been a great performer .
But it has awesome wide tropical foliage. You are truly rocking it up north.

My plant is a 6+ footer with leaves that make it 12+- feet in a 12 gal landscape container.

Ty Taylor has some epic photos of this plant grown in a non tropical zone......with those elusive fruits...

For clarification...plants that will flower for me in a predictable fashion are orinoco ,basjoo....but my VC just stops when the temps hit 65-70.

However I keep on truckin.....:08:

Tytaylor77 12-09-2017 07:29 PM

Re: Patupi
Thanks Mike. I had great results out of Patupi and Tigua this year. 3 Patupi bunches and one Tigua. I love Patupi. I believe it’s my new favorite banana. Very good tasting, firm banana.

Patupi and most AAs like VC, Nino, etc can be tricky. They hate cold. I mean hate it! If you think a cavendish hates it, these hate it worse. Their corms will handle cold well if kept very very dry. If in zones 8 and up you better start with a very large pup to plant or really rush them to bloom. Here in 8b on my fertilizer schedule (which is a little extreme) they made it fine this year. And weren’t even established. So it is doable in 8b. Maybe 8a. Above that your past my experiment zone! With work and dedication it can be done! No doubt! Just keep them warm and if cold keep the corm dry. Northern growers your in totally unknown territory.

For me VC still flowers faster. It flowers a good 3-4 weeks fast. However Patupi fills in 40-50 days for me. It’s truly amazing. You can almost see them fill day by day. Tigua also filled very fast. The good thing for a zone 8-9 grower is all 3. Iholena, Veinte Cohol, and Patupi are completely different bananas! Different sizes, tastes, and uses.

I had an idea for green underfilled bananas i wanted to test. I had the following i tested making tostones with. Taste with salt and no sauce:
Blue java - excellent, tasted potato like
Orinoco - excellent, potato like
Maricongo type store plantain - excellent, potato like.
Iholena Tigua - bad for me. Tasted like fried okra! I hate okra!
Patupi - amazing
Fhia 1 goldfinger (underfilled) - ok
Fhia 3 sweetheart. (Slightly underfilled) - good
Veinte cohol - excellent
Raja puri (underfilled) - ok
Gran Nain (slightly underfilled) - ok

- The stand out best flavor was a shock! Patupi! It was so flavorful. Even green Patupi is amazing.
- Iholena Tigua i was so excited to try! Was a big letdown for me. Tasted exactly like fried okra! Not slimey of course.
- VC is amazing green! I already knew, everytime i cut bunches up i mess up and slice some fingers. I use these fingers to fry. Taste amazing! Just not worth it for their size. If i have lots i will boil them first to make peeling easier.
- blue java i couldn’t tell the difference between them and Orinoco. Both were excellent and had the well known texture and potato like flavor. Amazing!

Just thought i would include this info. So even if you get half filled fruit don’t let them waste! Harvest them and use them as a vegetable or fried. Underfilled bunches are used all over India! And they actually have value to plantations! Experiment and report back!

Good luck guys! I truly hope we get something that can somehow be fruited up north!
Merry Christmas!

susan searles 12-11-2017 03:15 AM

Re: Patupi
Ty, I have a banana from Baker's Creek that is supposed to be Iholene - are there different Iholenes? It is doing well for me. So is the Tall Brazil, Cali Gold, and my Raja Puri. The Patupi and the GF aren't doing well - not dead but just sitting with no leaves. The Viente Cohol is just sitting and it only has a partial leaf - deer ate some of it. I think the 3 that aren't doing well got to cool and it really set them back. The ones that are doing well for me don't seem to mind the cool temps. My house is cold - poor bananas...

Tytaylor77 12-11-2017 05:31 AM

Re: Patupi
Susan just get those sensitive ones through winter and hopefully they will take off this spring. Just remember if you see no growth, then give NO water. They can make it through the whole winter without a single drop just fine. If you loose em let me know late spring/early summer. I will try to get you another.

There are several types of iholenas. Most or all are Pacific bananas. So far all I’ve grown are loving it here. Excellent tasting and short cycle! I want every iholena i can find. Sadly i think i am about maxed on iholenas until i get some very rare ones! I have very high hopes for the dwarf iholena (aka Musa iholena iholena).

Look on the wiki it shows other iholena types. And if you want more, email me. I can send you pages and pages about them. I am fairly obsessed with iholenas.

susan searles 12-11-2017 06:19 AM

Re: Patupi
Ty, I think mine actually is supposed to be dwarf Iholene. But since it came from Baker Creek I don't know how reliable the name is. It's funny how different they are. My house is really weird - it is a 100 year old farm house and the bathroom was a back porch that was converted to the bathroom. Well, it was converted very well and it is pretty cold in there, but it has great windows and I hung a plant light. The Tall Brazil, the Iholene, and the Cali Gold all seem to like it in there. They are putting out new growth, slowly, but still growing.

susan searles 12-11-2017 06:21 AM

Re: Patupi
I meant WASN'T converted very well....

Tytaylor77 12-12-2017 06:47 AM

Re: Patupi
Yes! Yours is the dwarf iholena. Also called the iholena iholena. I was just saying i had high hopes for it. I kinda ran on the sentence and made it confusing. From my research, my pup, and your pictures i think it is the real dwarf iholena. Should be an excellent grower!

I hope your setup does great and they get some growth over the winter!
Merry Christmas!

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