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hdynad 06-17-2018 03:18 PM

Re: Patupi
Patupi alive and well, 2yrs old now and i gotten a few pups and now have a total of 6. Winter stopped the growth but they made it threw just fine. We put up a portable green house and had a portable heater, My part of Texas had more freezes then normal. My Patupi are between 3 to 4 ft now and i am so happy.

How is everyone else's Patupi, anybody have blooms???

geissene 06-18-2018 11:51 AM

Re: Patupi
Glad to hear you are having some success with Patupi!

No bloom here, but I was finally able to get consistent growth. My tap water PH was probably killing my plant last year. My water PH is 8.5 so I've been adding a small amount of sulfur to get the PH below 7. I had no dieback with my pup this winter and I think that is why.

I also switched to a 15g air pot so over watering is less of an issue. This will probably be the final pot for the plant (i hope).

My pic is below. The nice red coloring is starting to show.

<a href=><img src= border=0></a>


geissene 06-21-2019 09:34 AM

Re: Patupi
In spite of all the rain, my patupi is still growing and looking good. Let's hope I can get it to 4' tall by the end of summer... This plant really loves dry soil.


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