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digdeep 03-08-2018 05:22 AM

Musa ingens!
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Last week I received 10 seeds from rarepalmseeds. Delivery was about a week. Since I live literally next to the beach and given my Temps that I have recorded over the years. This banana should do just fine. Hopefully I won't have to wait too long for this babies to sprout

Mark Dragt 03-08-2018 11:58 AM

Re: Musa ingens!
Keep us updated! Good luck!

nealnick5 03-08-2018 09:56 PM

Re: Musa ingens!
I purchased 15 Itinerans var Gigantae seeds (2nd tallest nana plant) back in August and 15 more about a week ago and still none have sprouted.. heat mat and in mason jars (not too moist).. I took the optimist route and am just giving them more time than that 6 month "max" hoping they eventually sprout. I'm sure yours will sprout as I am sure mine will eventually! good luck! I hate you because I might go buy some Ingens seeds now.. haha. Keep us updated!

nealnick5 03-10-2018 12:24 AM

Re: Musa ingens!
i got 1 pack of 10 as well.. along with 2 andes wax palm germinated coconuts (tallest palm).. hating you right now haha :p

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