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Default Re: Guess what I found today!!

Hey Scot, this is the M/a malaccensis!

The mottled adult plants are extremely rare. In my years of plant hunting, I have seen like 2. Then I wasn't into 'naners and didn't know its value. Seedlings here which are mottled are not common. I counted like about 200+ seedlings in this area and less than 10 are mottled. I took the best ones. Most you see on them is a streak or two of red. You can find literally tons of seedlings here but they are all waxy green(quite pretty really). The reason I am so excited about this find is the intense mottling on the leaf. It has to be a wild boar which gobbled up a whole bunch of fruits and then spread them over such a large area. And... this bunch of fruits may have the mottled gene more than others. If it was done by birds or monkeys, you see only a couple of random seedlings, not this many. Here, because of a big creature 'doing gardening', we get a whole 'nursery' of seedlings from a single seed source. Now, it just leaves my luck to see if the color stay.
I will back this with my observation while I was in the reptile trade. King cobras Ophiophagus hannah, are born multi colored. Real pretty. But they loose out to their adult coloration of different shades of olive drab. I have only seen one specimen which retained its hatchling colors, a fantastic 16ft specimen. So you see, it is very remote but it can happen!

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