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Drummer Re: Musa Itinerans var. Gigantea

New update... placed them into smaller mason jars a month ago so I can periodically check on them without having to search for hours in all of the soil of the previous jar... been using lava lamp base turned on its side (with aluminium foil underneath to keep from catching my desk on fire... ha) about 4 inches away to heat them (I was too cheap to buy a $125 heating mat online). BUT, out of 15, one looks like it's sprouting. No green yet but there is about a 1/4 or 1/2 millimeter of white coming out from the eye on all sides! And it appears to be pushing the top of the seed eye away from the rest of the seed. And yes, I checked and it is not pearlite or any fungus... it definitely appears to be coming from the seed. Removed it carefully and placed in a 3 inch tall (tiny) plastic pot. Lightly showered some soil on top of the seed and watered it. I also put the small pot within range of the getto heater to keep it warm for several hours throughout the day.

Not promising anything, but I am hoping it's on it's way to becoming a 40ft banana plant!

Also, even if it is sprouting, there is no way to know if it's in fact Itinerans v. Gigantea or some other type of banana seed they (or their supplier) tried to trick me with. I will keep a close watch and hope for the best. Wish me luck! I'll let you know in a few days to a week if it's doing anything new or not. If not, I'll gently remove it and look at it again. I may even just transfer it to a plastic bag to avoid disturbing the possible roots forming. I have seen numerous posts of people doing that and having success.

But if I can get it to grow, I can eventually start sharing this super cool nana species with people in the US and even get a tissue culture going! How cool would it be to have the 2nd tallest banana plant finally growing in the US??? (Aside from people claiming to have them growing here but being too stingy with them... ha)
Growing: Ensete ventricosum 'maurelli', Musa balbisiana 'Thai Black', bordelon, basjoo, Dwarf Cavendish, Dwarf Orinoco, itinerans var. itinerans, lasiocarpa, orinoco (tall), saba, Siam Ruby, sikkimensis 'Red Tiger', TaNee, zebrina, and zebrina var. gran nain.

Seeking: Musa Itinerans var. xishuanbannaensis, French Red Plantain, Peekeli, and Ensete ventricosum.
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