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Default Re: Separating Pups - easiest way..

Rob, not only are the pictures from that post gone but I have leaned some since. The method that I posted works really well for me when transplanting them immediately after cutting.

So here is what I do:

Dig the soil from around the pup so that you can see the whole corm of pup and a large part of the mother corm. Some of the mom's roots will be damaged but it never seems to hurt my mother plants. When you can get a good visual the take a spade or some sharp flat object and cut the pup corm off of the mother corm taking a nice size chunk of the mother plant's corm with it. This is the most important part! Don't be afraid to really get a nice chunk of the mom, she won't care! The chance of the pup surviving without having some of the mother corm to help nurse it along until it grows it's own roots are slim, but not unheard of. It pretty much depends on how big the pup corm is when you take it. Then I just plant them directly into clean potting soil in a 1 gal container. I do not use rooting hormone or anything else, and I don't let them scar over before potting. Water once, place in a warm but filtered sunlit area and wait for the new growth. I never water again until they show good growth then I start working up to regular watering regimen. Once it looks like they have rooted put them in the ground and watch them grow! I'm sure other people do it differently but that's what works for me, every time!

Now taking pups and shipping them is where you a get lot of different opinions and I'm just a novice so I'll let someone else explain.
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