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Originally Posted by John in St. Louis, Mo. View Post
Last fall, I helped a friend remove banana plants from his backyard "plantation", and in return he gave me 3 of them to plant in my own yard. Each one was about 4.5 ft tall and he had already trimmed the leaves off. I took them home and put them in the biggest pots I had.

Unfortunately, we had damaged one while removing it, but we got a puppy a couple of months later, and that was the one she targeted.

My girlfriend and I were surprised when the other two began growing new leaves. We had put them in regular potting soil, watered them every 2-3 days, kept them in the front room with the big south facing window, and had a space heater in there during the really cold winter months.

We were even more thrilled when they both started growing little "sprouts". Eventually, the puppy got bored being home alone and began eating the new plants that had appeared. But they kept growing back! We tried our best to keep the puppy out of them, but she got bigger and circumvented our efforts a couple more times. But they kept growing back!!! Until the day before I was going to put them in the ground, she got a hold of them again and only one grew back.

I planted them in the front yard for all the neighbors to enjoy. I just dug a couple of holes, put the plants and potting soil right into them and watered them once a day.

The one with the pup that made it didn't grow as much as the other one.

About a month ago, the other one finally produced 5 pups.

Yesterday I removed the biggest pup from both plants and replanted in the front yard for the last push before bringing them in for the winter.

I found this site, and read through the info before I attempted this on my own for the first time. I'm glad I found it, there seems to be a lot of info for me to look at this winter.

I don't know what kind of banana trees they are, but my friend has been growing them for years in his back yard here in St. Louis, and we've eaten the bananas they have produced. They were small and had a "string" down the middle, but they were good!
Welcome John, Your bananas look pretty healthy now so youre doing something right! I see your neighbours are keen gardeners also .Ha ha!
Cheers from Aus.
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