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Cultivar Name

Musa 'Siam Ruby'(most likely Musa acuminata ssp.)


Siam Red

Thai: Musa "Ma-Nee-Daeng"



(credit MediaHound)


(credit MediaHound)

Still a young plant, the red color appears when the plant grows larger.


(credit NANAMAN)

After repotting and 1 week later, some coloring


(credit NANAMAN)

After 2 weeks - healthy growth and more color


(credit NANAMAN)

after 4 and a half weeks


(credit NANAMAN)


(credit mudcat25)


(credit NANAMAN) (posted by HarveyC)


Found in the wild in Indonesia, but research indicated that it originated in Papua New Guinea it is almost certainly a wild subspecies of Musa acuminata, such as M. acuminata ssp. Tapo or something similar. Flamboyant paddle-shaped, dark ruby-red leaves with random flecks of chartreuse green-yellow and in rare cases white and bright pinks. Leaves are typically held at a slightly higher angle than most Musa plants. Has been reported to reach heights of 8 to 10 feet at maturity, and in cultivation has survived in zones 9 and 10 preferring a higher than average level of heat and humidity - constant temps above 90 being ideal. It is reported to be of a sweet and unseeded nature but to date no verified data has been published to support this statement. Most data comes from observations posted on by its members which is unscientific in nature having no known studies published at this time.

  • Genetic Group -

Eumusa, 2n=22


found in Thailand in 2005 reported to originate Papua New Guinea,

  • Date realized in trade -






  • Time To Bloom -

9-18months (estimation)

  • Time To Harvest -

N/A, seeded variety


  • Mature Height - to date reported to be 8ft
  • Survival Zone -Zone: 9-10, Best guess based on Genetic similarities to the Musa Tapo
  • Fruiting Zone -
  • Cold Hardiness -
  • Wind -
  • Sun -
  • Taste Description -
  • Personal Notes -
  • Growth tips - requires high temps dose best above 90deg feh. Needs a heavy feeding even for a Musa. can easily feed every 2 weeks with K-mag being the best food but will do well on an all organic regiments needs intense light to achieve full color well go green in shade like a fairy moist soil well drained pups easily and early in as little as 4 months separate normally.

Known Afflictions

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  • Susceptible Diseases -
  • Resistant Diseases -

Research Notes

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