Musa Popoulu

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Cultivar Name

musa 'popoulu'





(credit the flying dutchman)


Ball-like breadfruit" is so called because the fruits, angular when young, mature as ball-like (popo) as breadfruit (ulu). The skin is fairly thin and yellow when ripe, flesh light salmon pink, edible raw but especially relished when baked (pulehu) . The midrib is pinkish when young, and the petiole green. The trunk is low and green. The root of the young shoot (pohuli) may be substituted for the Lele in treating thrush. Popoulu Lahi or Ili Lahi (thin skin) is probably the same. Popoulu is one of the varieties that women were permitted to eat. Apple like flavor. Slender plant prefering a sheltered location and filtered light. Fruit ripen quickly, are tender and about 7". Trunk is about 8" in diameter. This is a popular Hawaiian plantain variety The fruit can be eaten out-of-hand or cooked. The flesh is salmon pink and has very pleasing sub acid apple-like taste. The plant is slender and grows up to 14 feet in height and likes some shade.Although 'Popoulu' is from a different geographical region than 'Hua Moa' it is very possible that they are the same.

  • Genetic Group - AAB



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  • Time To Bloom -
  • Time To Harvest -


  • Mature Height -

12-14 feet

  • Survival Zone -


  • Fruiting Zone -
  • Cold Hardiness -
  • Wind -
  • Sun -

Full sun

  • Taste Description -
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Known Afflictions

  • Pests -

Borers, grasshoppers and root nematodes

  • Susceptible Diseases -

Panama disease and black sigatoka

  • Resistant Diseases -

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