Musa Hy Brazilian

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Cultivar Name

Musa ss. Hy Brazilian



watermark.php?file=31305&size=1&filefix=.jpg Photo taken immediately after planted in ground 5/3/2010

(credit harveyc) ==Description== a sub species of the regular Brazilian the HY denoting its status as a Hybrid tetraploid. (part of the FHIA Breeding Program) Unlike the regular Brazilian this plant has deeply red pseudostem with a striking red pedicle and split-pea colored green leaves. The juvenile leaf shape being more elongated and sharpened at least in its early stages highly resistant to disease High yielding and extremely attractive, it is rumored to have a highly rare tendency to grow double pseudostems from the same corm. This characteristic being unheard of before its development in 2002.

  • Genetic Group -


  • Date realized in trade - 2002


sweet desert Banana


  • Time To Bloom - 16-18 months
  • Time To Harvest - 4 months


  • Mature Height -
  • Survival Zone -
  • Fruiting Zone -
  • Cold Hardiness -
  • Wind -
  • Sun -
  • Taste Description -
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Known Afflictions

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  • Susceptible Diseases -
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