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Among the 100's of edible banana cultivars there are many different flavors to enjoy. Some banana fruits have just one flavor present, while many have multiple flavors present all at once, and then of course there are fruits that have a dominant flavor. Here we attempt to list those unique flavors present in bananas and give examples of cultivars that contain them.

Note: if you are adding flavors to this list, please be specific (e.g., "fruity" is too general).


Dwarf Cavendish : Cardboard when underripe

Gros Michel : Grapefruit, Green Apple, Pineapple, Whole Milk Cream, Rice Krisps, White Sweet Potato (as a plantain)

Hawaiian Apple : Green Apple

Jamaican Red :: Musk, alfalfa or clover Honey, Vanilla Custard

Kichua Sweet Plantain : White Sweet Potato

Lacatan : Tart Cherry Pie and Custard

Misi Luki : overtones of Apple Cider

Moradito : Sweet Cheese (e.g. the taste of Ricotta or Mascarpone)

Orinoco : Apple Cider aftertaste

Orito : Rose Apple, Sweet Cheese (e.g. the taste of Ricotta or Mascarpone), Whole Milk Cream

Pisang Klotek : Jolly Rancher Watermelon Candy, Pineapple

Red Iholene : Musk, Orange or Tangerine, White Sweet Potato


Apple Cider: Misi Luki (overtones), Slightly underripe Orinoco (aftertaste)

Cardboard: Dwarf Cavendish, especially underripe

Grapefruit: Gros Michel

Green Apple: Hawaiian Apple, Gros Michel

Honey (alfalfa or clover honey): Jamaican Red

Jolly Rancher Watermelon Candy: Pisang Klotek

Musk: Jamaican Red, Red Iholene

Orange or Tangerine: Red Iholene

Pineapple: Pisang Klotek, Gros Michel

Rice Crisps: Gros Michel

Roses (e.g., the taste of Rose Apple): Orito

Sweet Cheese (e.g. the taste of Ricotta or Mascarpone) : Orito, Moradito (red-skinned minis)

Tart Cherry Pie and Custard: Lacatan

White Sweet Potato: Red Iholene, Kichua Sweet Plantain, Gros Michel when used as a plantain

Whole Milk Cream: Orito, Gros Michel

Vanilla Custard: Jamaican Red