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amantedelenguaje 05-28-2014 08:22 PM

Gonna Hurt My Cat
My potted 3-feet-tall dwarf cavendish has been outside for a month now. It has not been doing anything--no pups, only one leaf, not dying but not really living. While I was checking the PH level surrounding my blueberry bushes, I decide to check the potting soil's PH. My meter registered between 2 and 3. How in the heck did the soil get so acidic? Quickly I dumped the soil out of the pot, and out came a tumblin' cat turds. I found my cat's second litter box. That might explain my poor banana's lackluster performance. Gonna hurt my cat!

The culprit is in the lower left-hand corner trying to blend in with the pineapples and air-return vent.

Kat2 05-28-2014 08:39 PM

Re: Gonna Hurt My Cat
I visited my family in upstate NY and brought home 2 mixed Himalayan kittens--sisters but Poof was all Persian and Magic was all Siamese. They lived with me at my place for a few months then we all moved into the ex's pristine 15th floor high rise apartment from which you could see at least 9 fireworks displays quite nicely including the DC mall.

But I digress.

He had a 6' cactus that was gorgeous. And then it wasn't. After some investigation and careful watching we realized that Magic, my cat, was tinkling in it; it died. In hindsight I know she was trying to warn me about "Mr. Perfect" because one night she got up on the bed and let loose on my feet--she must have saved up all day because the bed was drenched.

Wish I'd listened to her...perhaps you need to listen to yours?

amantedelenguaje 05-28-2014 08:53 PM

Re: Gonna Hurt My Cat

Love your anecdote. Great way to put a positive spin on a cat that's about to only have 8 lives left.

jbyrd88888 05-29-2014 05:14 PM

Re: Gonna Hurt My Cat
Haha funnny shiuff... Like to tell you my Labrador goes on almost everything, never in the same spot (only outside); seems to adequately and evenly fertilize everything in my yard...
Many people say itz bad for plants but I have not noticed any ill effects on my garden. Others say it should be diluted first, but by the time it rains or I water, everything remains fine.
Myself, I go in my compost sometimes... ;)
Maybe itz time to trade in that puddy-tat...

Olafhenny 05-29-2014 05:35 PM

Re: Gonna Hurt My Cat
Easy solution:


Cover the pot with some stiff plastic webbing as you can see in the left pot.
The other two were planted after our cats were properly trained.

It may also help, that those small pots were less comfortable than the litter box.


Good luck,

Kat2 05-29-2014 06:16 PM

Re: Gonna Hurt My Cat
Actually, years ago I started a thread on Garden Web about deterring cats in the garden. Who knew it would essentially go viral and be quoted all over? Cayenne pepper sprinkled on soil does make them think again. Doesn't hurt the plant but does make the feline's tootsies tingle. And, if they're indoor cats, make sure their litter box is impeccably clean or they'll find another fresh diggable surface. (My 2 indoor/outdoor/pet door cats had their own special place outside; they never went into my garden. After they were gone, the neighbor's cat dug and pooed while she watched and laughed. I didn't dare throw rocks at him but that's when I stopped being the "free kennel" for the beast when she went away on business. I shut off the pet door so "Boo" could no longer sleep with me. Yeah, I'm a meanie but I have no desire to eat tomatoes and stuff that are fertilized thusly.)

BTW, dog urine will kill plants I know. But if your pooch is spraying indiscriminately then all should be fine.

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