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Kbud 09-15-2015 07:22 PM

My Tasty Tropical Plants Blog Update!

I've had my blog for over half a month now, and I am really happy that I have put out so much content in that time period! I'm quite proud of myself for getting this far! As it is, I have very little participation on the blog! My goal is to turn it into an interactive community, a place for discussion! If anyone would like to help me by participating, I would greatly appreciate it, as there is nowhere to go but up from here. My content thus far consists mostly of useful information, with a little bit of personal experience. The topics I have covered so far, in case you are interested, is as follows:
Staking up fruits
managing plants on a tight schedule
The origins of coffee and sugar
Meyer lemonade
the importance of humidity
the scent of citrus leaves
the tea plant in cold climates
sweet lemon spotlight
the great grapefruit experiment
The content is highly interactive, featuring numerous links, photos, and videos. In addition, I have pictures of all of my plants in my collection and a list of resources I consider to be essential. I hope to highlight this group in the future and also start writing book reviews on the subject of tasty and useful tropical plants.
Hope you all enjoy :) My goal is to ultimately help someone at some point!

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