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dsws 01-07-2013 06:45 PM

Making pothos bloom?
Unlike my bananas that may never germinate, I actually have a "philodendron" (so called by the person who gave it to me; really presumably Epipremnum aureum, aka "pothos"). In the wild, they develop a different look to their leaves, and they bloom. It's not a showy flower, but I don't care.

Has anyone tried to get pothos to grow its mature leaves, or bloom? What does one generally do, in order to get aroids to bloom?

Yug 01-07-2013 08:05 PM

Re: Making pothos bloom?
I had one I stuck in the ground (I live in Hawaii), and at first it just attached to a nearby tree, and grew upward. At some point, it began putting out longer thicker brownish looking roots. When those roots elongated and hit the soil, the growth really took off, and the leaves began to get dinner-plate sized. In the upper part of the vine, it put out flowers, if you could call them that. It had a small finger shaped like part in the center with a leafy looking thing that wrapped around it. It reminded me of some anthuriums I've seen. It was a greenish white, and not really attractive.

island cassie 01-08-2013 09:40 AM

Re: Making pothos bloom?
Yes - the flowers are nothing to get excited about and the plant only seems to flower when it has reached 35-40ft, but the beautiful leaves more than make up for the flowers! It's a monster but I love it - I hope my neighbours do too as it has spread over to them!!:ha:

dsws 01-08-2013 09:56 AM

Re: Making pothos bloom?
How tall did it have to get before the leaves changed? Does an individual leaf that's initially grown the usual shape ever continue to grow and get the mature leaf shape?

island cassie 01-08-2013 10:29 AM

Re: Making pothos bloom?
Once it starts to climb and gets about 4ft tall the leaves change to dinner plate size, but the early small leaves stay the same. And once the aerial roots come down it really takes off. Mine has run out of host tree at about 40+ foot and looks as though it would do twice that without a problem. Long vines come off the topmost part and droop down to the ground where they run along until they find another host to climb. When they are doing this the leaves are small until they start to climb again. I'm forever cutting it back to keep it from taking over completely.

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