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RPH 06-25-2022 06:20 PM

Reverted Musa Florida
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Hi all, thanks in advance for the answers, as I’m new here.

My friend and I sell rare plants. Recently, we purchased several TC Musa Floridas imported from Thailand, deflasked and sold them after acclimation to Fluval Stratum (which they seem to grow well in btw)—this is our third time. Most are now doing great in the buyers’ care. We did have one customer say his reverted to green (this is out of a few dozen—most of them keep variegation). See attached pic. Any advice on how to get variegation back? It appears he already keeps it in high lighting and humidity conditions. Is it possible to cut back new green growth, as in center-growing, self-heading philodendrons, or do nodes work differently? We are relatively new to nanas but pretty familiar with other rare plants like philos, anthuriums, and alocasias.

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