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Gaap404 10-09-2019 12:00 PM

Why is one of my plants wilting?
What is the cause of my wilting plant?
How can I save my plant?

I bought two plants, one is thriving the other wilting. The thriving one has stood by the windows while the other was 7m away from any windows. However, the wilting one has continued wilting while put in a better spot for the past week. I've cut of the wilting leaves, but the remaining good leaves also started wilting. The soil was a bit moist, so yesterday I repotted it into dry soil and found out that there was no root rot, so I'm still not sure what causes the wilting.

1 Wilting and healthy plant
2 Close up of wilting
3 Wilting plant after I cut off the wilting leaves
4 Roots of the wilting plant

edwmax 10-09-2019 03:55 PM

Re: Why is one of my plants wilting?
1) How much direct sun is the plant getting at the window? Young plants at his stage need bright sunlight, but not direct sun and radiant heat.

2) The heating and AC in a house will lower the humidity. These plants are from a greenhouse with high humidity & misting several times per day. So misting the plant 2 or 3 X's per day will help.

3) The last photo of the roots shows a fine commercial type potting soil with very little or no course material. I suggest adding 50% perlite to increase drainage of the soil.

4) The 1st photo appears to show a pot with a self contain saucer. Bananas like Fresh water and can not tolerate stagnate water. Make sure the pots drain all excess water out of the pot.

5) Root rot: The white roots you see are not the roots that take up water and nutrients. That is done by a hair like root and those may have rotted away. It will take a little time to regrow new roots. Root rot had not progressed to the corm. ... Foliar spraying with miracle grow and water misting will help the plant to recover until new roots can grow.

Gaap404 10-09-2019 04:16 PM

Re: Why is one of my plants wilting?

Thank you for taking the effort to help a banana noob.
1 and 4 are taken care of
2,3, and 5: I will start misting with water and miracle grow, and get some perlite. Good to know misting helps

edwmax 10-09-2019 05:28 PM

Re: Why is one of my plants wilting?
Potted nana inside use & need very little water. And, it will take time to see an improvement. ... Get a long stem moisture meter to check the moisture deep in the pot and at the bottom. Water when the soil is near dry.

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