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TexasPermaculture 08-10-2020 10:22 AM

Leaf Irregularities..Fusarium Wilt?
Hi guys,

I have two Highgate bananas that both have this leaf discoloration. There are no pests and they've been consistently watered, my one thought was potentially sunburn? They have no other apparent issues and grow seemingly fine, however these are my first foray into growing bananas and would love a second look from some of the resident experts.

Having issues with the built in photo uploader, here are some links to closeups of the damage itself.

If other pictures/details would prove beneficial let me know!
Thanks in advance.

Iowa 08-10-2020 12:24 PM

Re: Leaf Irregularities..Fusarium Wilt?
Sunburn is possible, but over watering may be the problem. Let them dry out more between watering.

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