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Ak 08-09-2015 06:41 AM

Help? Pests?!
Planted banana babies straight from the nursery 3months old)...after shedding their previous leaves they both sprouted a new leaf each but thats stopped growing and its going yellow and duller each day. The agricultural dept. Says my garden is afflicted with termites and something else...and they sprayed all over the garden. The pest may have spread from my alastonian trees. Ill post some pictures. Please banana plants have been in my garden for 3 weeks...I think there is still time to save them?

crazy banana 08-09-2015 10:57 PM

Re: Help? Pests?!
Where are you located and what are your weather conditions? How big were the plants when planted? What does your soil look like? Water schedule and fertilizer use, light?
Can you post some photos?
It is doubtful that termites have damaged your new plants.
We need some more information to be able to help. 08-10-2015 12:12 PM

Re: Help? Pests?!
Ditto answer questions!

Termites eat wood.

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