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asacomm 02-21-2009 09:48 PM

The seeds of Musa Hajaray?
I understand the F1 of Musa Hajaray is produced from seeds hybritized
between Musa Sikkimensis and Musa Rajapur. So there should have been
the seeds of this variety.

Does anyone know of its existence, and if so who are selling it?
Or such seeds are not existing?

Gabe15 02-21-2009 10:56 PM

Re: The seeds of Musa Hajaray?
Based on the photos, it doesn't appear to be a M. sikkimensis and 'Raja Puri' hybrid, especially since that would be a rather unusual cross, and it looks to have a lot of M. balbisiana influencing it. But who knows for sure...

Either way, if it is any kind of wild x edible hybrid, you would not be able to get seeds for it because any seeds formed would have to come from repeated, deliberate cross pollinations. Each seed would be drastically different from one another, most probably being non viable or producing poor plants. Even then, if its an edible banana, it would not be able to form proper seeds for propagation (due to sterility, extreme heterozygosity and many other issues). When crossing wild species with edible cultivars, if any decent plant is produced it may be one out of thousands of seeds that are made. The way banana breeding works is that when a good hybrid is found, it is asexually propagated, not reproduced sexually each time. If none of that makes sense, then just know that all of the 'Hajaray' plants would have to be clones from one another, and thus no seed should be available if it is indeed an edible banana.

However, if seed does start showing up, then one of a few things may be happening: 1. 'Hajaray' is not what its cracked up to be and if the seed is verified to be true to type, then 'Hajaray' is really a seeded wild species or a stable fertile hybrid between other wild species (like in the case of M. ornata which is thought to be M. flaviflora x M. dasycarpa). 2. The seeds are not really 'Hajaray' and someone is trying to pull a quick one like those selling the 'Aeae' or 'Cavendish' seeds on ebay.

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