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tomekmwa 09-09-2017 11:44 AM

Hydrogen peroxide, need some advice
Hey guys.
Id like to be sure if iam doin it right.
I'm talking about seed mortar with hydrogen peroxide.
I used h2o2 few years ago and the effects was stunning. I woke up bananpires to life :D You know, the zone iam livin is not especially banana friendlly so i have to be flexible. Ok, to the point. I have 500pcs banana seeds army on my way and id like to make a h2o2 trick again but i dont remember instructions. Please remember me.

If i have 3%, 100g bottle of hydrogen peroxide what proportions should i use to resurect my jungle mates, and how long should i soak them?

I am sure i soaked them in some solution (some portion of)water+(some portion of h2o2) and dont remember if i kept them 1 day on this and then 2 days at usuall water or 3 days with solution only. Owhh. Please guide me guys.

edwmax 09-09-2017 06:47 PM

Re: Hydrogen peroxide, need some advice
Please post the instructions when you find them and any reference.

Jose263 09-09-2017 07:27 PM

Re: Hydrogen peroxide, need some advice

Originally Posted by edwmax (Post 309377)
Please post the instructions when you find them and any reference.

Here's a guide from a 2008 post

Originally Posted by Tropicallvr (Post 29703)
1. Get a soil that is bacteria free(cook in oven to sterilize) Or buy seed starting mix. Coco peat & perlite mixed togher is a good medium for sprouting. Get zip lock baggies to place the seeds in, the bigger the bag the better, I have cooked seeds in too small of a bag. Half gallon or gallon size I think is best.
2. Get a heat mat with an appliance timer(bought seperatly), and set up in a cooler room(60F) in your house. Put some sort of tray(seedling flat) on heat mat, so baggies aren't directly on the mat.
3.Soak seeds for about 24-48(or more) hours changing the water daily. Some seeds have alot of banana pulp and might need to be scrubbed a few times as they soak. After they are done soaking, give them a scrub and rinse with either diluted hydrogen peroxide, or a 10% bleach solution. Some bleach clings to seeds and makes them feel slimey, and if this is the case give them a extra dish soap wash to get the bleach off.
4. Hydrate your soil medium, just to the point of moist, but not dripping moist. I ussaly run a drip into the baggy as I stir it as the water drips in. Not too wet not too dry. Then sprinkle the seeds on the surface, and sprinkle a little soil on them, just so they are barley covered.
5. Set you timer for being on from anywhere from 5 hours on to 12 hours on. It's up to you I've had results with short and long, but now I do around 7-8 hours on.
6. Check regularly by hand or with an outdoor thermometer the soil to make sure it isn't getting too hot, and raise your tray off the heat mat if it is. I have lost alot of seeds from frying them. If your soil is drying out then it's probably too hot.
6. No need for a light to germinate them, they will do it in pitch black, but you'll need to check them almost every day, because if you miss a seedling that has sprouted and they stretch too much for light then they use all their reserves, and don't have enough energy to produce the first leaf, then they bend over and die. Be careful not to expose them to full sunshine too quickly either if they have been in a dark place.
Some species are fine to dig up out of the baggies and seperate from the soil before it has it's first leaf, and some are really touchy and you must leave them in the baggy till they have a leaf.
when they are ready just put new potted seedling in a warm well lit place(morning sun), or artificial light, and let it go to town, fetilizing lightly after 3 or so leaf leafs have been put out.
LMK if I missed anything that your wondering about. I HOPE YOU GET SOME SPROUTS!

tomekmwa 09-10-2017 11:29 PM

Re: Hydrogen peroxide, need some advice
Thanks Jose.
About point 3. Do you know guys how much this hydrogen peroxide should be diluted and how long should i keep the seeds on it?

Anywas, thats interesting study about h202 using on seeds, take a look and tell me what do you think about to use it on yours banana seeds at described proportion please.

Heres part of txt from the pdf

What percentage of hydrogen
peroxide mostly stimulates the
germination of a seed?

In my opinion, 8% of hydrogen peroxide will mostly stimulate the germination of the seeds.Statistics
say that 3-10% range of amount of hydrogen peroxide will provide the seed with better
resources ,thus germinating faster.''

Seeds that have been watered with 4% hydrogen peroxide showed little results .Seeds in Trial 1 have
had a success of forty percent as the others had a success rate of thirty percentage.Most of the seeds
barly germinated and the average is 3.33,thus a third of the seeds.
Seeds in 6% hydrogen peroxide category have shown better results than the previous.The lowest rate
is 30% and the highest is 50%.Seeds in this category have acheived a success rate of one half,which is
pretty good.The average is 40% making it the second highest rate in this experiment.
As the data table shows, seed that have been watered with 8% hydrogen peroxide have a higher
percentage of germinating. More than half of the seeds germinated in each trial,resulting in
an average of 6 seeds germinating out of ten.The percentage of a seed germinating under ten
millimeters of 8% hydrogen peroxide is sixty percent.
The results of 10% hydrogen peroxide showed less results than eight percent.Trial 3 is the only one
to acheive a rate of 50%,as the others both have a rate of 30%,decreasing the average rate :3.6 seeds
germinated out of 10.
12%hydrogen peroxide has shown the least results with all the trials showing a success rate of 20%;
⅕ out of the total.The average rate is 20 %,the lowest average in this experiment,though the seed
that germinated the most belonged to this group.
Our hypothesis was correct.Seeds that were watered with eight percent hydrogen peroxide had the
most success rate.
In my opinion,our experiment is one of the most successful experiments in the classroom. We
managed to bring all the materials which is a good start.We were well organized and didn’t fight
once during the experiment. During the process,we measured hydrogen peroxide to the nearest
millimeter to have precise data even if it took some time.Surprisingly,our group really put alot
of effort in this science lab.Instead of putting the paper tissues in the petri dishes like the other
groups, we cut 30 circles :2 pieces for each petri dish which shows that our work is not poorly
done.Nevertheless,it took us a lot of time.
We had several issues to deal with.The seeds weren’t available so we had to take seeds from the
classroom.In addition, the timing of our experiment was shortened for some reasons which let us
with less time to conduct our experiments,which affected our lab results.
Sources of Human Error:
There may have been sources of human errors.One of the errors may have been the amount of light
that was projected towards the seeds which may have affected the steps of photosynthesis of the seed.
In photosynthesis,the seeds absorbs Co2 and releases Oxygen as a byproduct.The oxygen
couldn’t “flow” as it was trapped in the petri dishes,resulting in no CO2 at a moment and stopped the
The temperature may have affected the germination of the seeds.These days, the temperature
constantly changed day and night,maybe slowing the process

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