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PlantSeeds 09-17-2017 08:50 AM

Help me to germinate Musa Velutina
Hi There :) I'm trying to germinate Musa Velutina, but I still do not succeed..
I do so:
I put the seeds in the water for 48 hours and change the water once in the day.
Then I plant them in a container and add in the container universal ground PH 5.5-6.5. and I plant the seeds half-in-ground, and half over. and cover the container with a zip lock bag, I opened the ziplock and sprayed every day.
I was happy because I noticed that started to germinate some seeds
then in a few days they went black.
the container had morning sun up to 12:00
is now at the window
some seeds have not yet germinated, but I think they will begin germination. the seeds are fresh.

why have they gone black? the root had to be formed.
maybe I should not have opened ziplock every day?

but fortunately I still have eight seeds and put them in the water today. and I will try to plant them deeper.

Thank you in advance

Lau 09-17-2017 09:10 AM

Re: Help me to germinate Musa Velutina
I have had some luck with Banana Seeds this year. After the soak I drain the seeds and place on a wet paper towel inside a closed container. I wait until the seeds look like little spiders before I plant them in soil inside a zip lock plastic bag. They are kept inside the plastic bag until they reach the top. At that time I just leave the bag unzipped.

Good Luck Susan


PlantSeeds 09-17-2017 09:28 AM

Re: Help me to germinate Musa Velutina
Thank you Susan for your method, and for photos I will try again this.

André Troylilas 12-31-2017 12:13 PM

Re: Help me to germinate Musa Velutina
So, did Susan's method work for you?
I have a very hard time germinating the Musa velutina seeds I have.
Did anyone try giberellic acid?

obdiah 12-31-2017 08:20 PM

Re: Help me to germinate Musa Velutina
I used to have a tough time with mv seed germaniton but have learned over time what to do and now get around 25 to50 percent germination especially in my home made seed propagator/ tc incubator

here is what i have learned that works for me results may vary :ha:
1 temperature at least 80 f 85 is better all plant growth is a chemical reaction of sorts and reactions go faster at higher temps
2 humidity 95-100%
3 soil moisture keep the soil very damp but not soggy
4 soak seeds for 24 hours in water after that they are saturated and most likely farther soaking wont help
5 purchasing seeds dont purchase 5 or 10 seeds buy at least 50 100 is better and mv is cheap
6 be patient it takes from 3 weeks 12 weeks to germanite
I cover the seeds about 1/8 deep in what ever potting mix i have on hand there not fussy

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