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PeteMoss 08-10-2020 01:15 PM

Banana seeds goo coat
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I ordered ensete glaucum seeds from eBay, and at the same time they were delivered I had another package of tiny seeds arrive labeled “bananas”. I put them in the water with the ensete seeds and less than 12 hours later the tiny seeds formed this sticky goo coating. I separated them from the ensete seeds in case it’s some kind of mold. Anybody seen this, or even know what these seeds might be?

My gallery isn’t updating so hopefully attaching them here works

pjkfarm 08-10-2020 08:05 PM

Re: Banana seeds goo coat
Looks like a basil seed and "goo" is normal around it. but maybe a real banana expert can answer. My experience with getting banana seeds via internet has been they are scams :-( most of the time.
If any banana expert reads this, I am having trouble germinating my ensete seeds (some now going on for 3 months).. I have thousands from one flower and just wonder about pollination. Are they self pollinating? The seeds look like regular ensete seeds, hard as a rock and like a big pea, black. Just like the ones I started these plants from.
I tried some as soon as the nanas turned orange, now they are all turning to black goo. Could it be that they need to "ferment" in their own juices for a while?

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