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Rmplmnz 09-23-2007 10:35 PM

Hua Moa, Praying Hands, Brazilian & more………
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Have some extra corms (thanks to the rain)..know this is not the optimum time for most folks…but if you are looking for bananas…

Looking to ship a “Box O’ Plants” for $50 plus “actual shipping costs” (hoping to ship two boxes..but may be able to accommodate more).

I have sword suckers of the following:

• Hua Moa
• Praying Hands
• Brazilian
• Dwarf Red
• Ice Cream
• Saba (my favorite)

Count as ˝ (of 4 selections)

• Rose
• Musa laterita (Bronze Ornata)
• Lavendar Ornata
• Musella lasiocarpa (Chinese Yellow)

Bonus Plants:

• Brugmansia cutting
• Pine Cone Ginger
• Heliconia Rostrata (Lobster Claw)
• Heliconia Caribea
• Plumeria cutting (colors vary; based on availability)

Details are as follows:

• First email first served (limited availability)
• Expected ship date is Tuesday, October 9th (travel/work
• Note these plants are shipped "bare root"
• Get 4 corms plus two off the bonus list; your choice (subject to
• All plants are “subject to availability” as of ship date (I will email
confirmation prior to shipping; confirm shipment meets with
• Shipped UPS ground (these are banana corms..and the are heavy)…
• Just looking to recoup some costs (all that organic fertilizer and
mulch:-) as it take approximately two hours to dig, clean, package and
ship two boxes..whew…

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