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cherokee_greg 09-25-2009 01:04 PM

zone 9 central valley banana ?
Ok heres the scoop. I have some young banana plants in the ground a red siam a ice cream and a ornamental im sorry the name slipped my mind at the moment. I have some that were grown not to far from my city umknown name there older ones than I have that big ornamental banana plant in the ground. I have a dwarf red in the pot .Should I dig up the siam and the other young bananas for the winter ? If so will keeping them under a covered patio be ok are should I take them in the house ? I donot want them to die. I know there is some central valley zone 9ners out there please give the brother a hand :woohoonaner::02::0517:
Thanks a bunch !:waving:

bencelest 09-25-2009 05:29 PM

Re: zone 9 central valley banana ?
I have all of my bananas thrive under covered patio for 5 years now and I have not lost one yet. But most of them I planted on the ground last year and I will leave them on the ground with protection. But I don't have the bananas you mentioned except ice cream. I have 23 varieties and most of them dwarfed.

damaclese 09-25-2009 07:12 PM

Re: zone 9 central valley banana ?
Greg I live in zone 9 Henderson Nevada i have many of the same plant variates
id say the only difference is that i live at 2400 ft high desert
i leave all my bananas out except any thing in a pot the cold will penetrate
the corm the only exception in my mind would be the Siam Ruby there vary heat loving i know theres a couple of people on the ORG that live in 9 and leave there SR out but that would be up to you
the best over all for zone 9 are Ice cream (blue Java) Brazilian do well too even Cavendish do far in zone 9 but its a bit cold for them
i rarely if ever cover my plants either i just wait for the foliage to wither i cut if off leaving all of the p-stem and hope for the best
so far nothing has ever died but i haven't ever had a really bad winter since i put them in but theres always a first what the almanac say for your region ?

harveyc 09-25-2009 09:21 PM

Re: zone 9 central valley banana ?
Greg, I'd probably leave the Ice Cream in the ground though mine died when we had the big freeze in January 2007 (20.4F here). My problem may be a little worse than yours since water-logged soil in the cold winter is another issue and you probably get less rain than me (unless you're in the foothills, etc.). The ornamental really depends on what it is, many are very tough. The Dwarf Red is very cold sensitive and you may need to sleep with it (a slight exaggeration!). The Siam Ruby is generally also considered to be cold sensitive though Pete over-wintered his outside under leaves in Lousiana zone 8.

If you come up to the delta some time, send me a note and come by.

cherokee_greg 03-24-2010 04:11 PM

Re: zone 9 central valley banana ?
Thanks for the great advice. Most of the bananas lived through the winter. :woohoonaner: I have some in pots no sighns of growth. thanks again. I thought I lost the ice cream but its doing great !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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