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AnnaJW 05-01-2006 09:58 PM

Is Spring finally here? + questions...
After a very strange winter/early spring, I think that Spring is finally here! I was working in the yard all afternoon today and noticed that all of my bananas are leafing out quickly all of a sudden. I have one Ice Cream that I'm hoping will produce fruit this year.

I do have a major problem - Crabgrass. Is there anything I do about the crabgrass around my banana plants? And another major problem - ANTS. I don't like to use anything that is not organic. Especially around food bearing plants. I cut an old leaf off of a banana today and several minutes later, the ants were all over it!

pitangadiego 05-01-2006 10:20 PM

Re: Is Spring finally here? + questions...
The organic method is to pull it by hand. The effective method is Roundup - just shield the banana's trunk from getting sprayed (a nice piece of cardboard or the like should suffice.

AnnaJW 05-02-2006 12:23 AM

Re: Is Spring finally here? + questions...
Thanks! I'm trying to stick to Organic. I can't believe what a pain that stuff is!!!

scooterbug 05-04-2006 01:55 PM

Re: Is Spring finally here? + questions...
May I ask why you have a problem with ants?

I grow organically and avoid killing any insects in my gardens that may be useful.

They are like my free garden workers :D

I do use Roundup tho because as soon as the air hits it it turns into organic matter that's why you can plant a day or two later. Only the RU that gets on leafs and travels to the root zone kills.

If crab and quack grasses were a cash-crop I would be able to quit my job :ha: :ha: :ha: :ha:

WM sells a product that has the same active ingredients for much less dough$
"Eliminator® Weed and Grass Killer" ( I seem to remember that it is a little stronger ('-'?)

As pitangadiego cautioned .... since the pseudo stem is a leaf protect it from over-spray.

AnnaJW 05-07-2006 04:57 PM

Re: Is Spring finally here? + questions...
If the ants would stay outside they wouldn't be a problem. I never used to bother them until they decided they wanted to be House Ants. :)
Last summer they were so bad in the house that it was starting to look like we were filming a horror movie starring ANTS. I think they are jealous of the spider we've had living on the kitchen ceiling for months now... :ha: ha::ha:

scooterbug 05-07-2006 05:39 PM

Re: Is Spring finally here? + questions...
:D Oh you shudda said so.

That's no problem around the house, find out where they come in and sprinkle cinnamon they hate it. Completley safe around pets.

I use it on my houseplants also, seems like they like my african violets a little too much so I sprinkle them too :mad:

If you need a lot of the spice find a resturant food supply business.
I can get a one pound container of cinnamon for little more than what a small shaker costs at the grocers.

Good place to get powdered cayenne if you need it for larger garden pests like wabbits :ha: :drum:

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