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Isaac-1 09-09-2016 08:07 AM

Soil prep for sandy loam soil?
I live in the southern part of zone 8b in Lousiaiana and have a few small Banana plant, which I plan to over winter indoors, before planting in ground outside in the spring. The land around here is not particulalry rich, but does tend to have a fairly good structure for growing most fruits, vegitbles, etc. Soil pH is around 5.7 and it is moderately well drained, however we do tend to get massive amounts of rain sesonally that soaks the ground.

The soil is generally described as a friable fine sandy loam soil, agriculture in the area is predominately pine trees or cattle pasture land, with limited other crops occasionally grown (corn, potatoes, come to mind).

So down to the question is there any type of soil preperation I should be doing on the area of the yard I plan to pant these hin the spring? Most of the soil in the yard is moderately well drained fine sandy loam with underlying mottled clay. Top soil ranges from about 6 - 18 inches thick depending of part of the yard. (you never know exactly until you dig, move over 10 feet and it may be very different). I have tried searching on here, but all I find is suggested augmentation for overly draining sandy soil, and under draining clay. By comparison I suspect my soil has good structure, but is just not particularly rich in nutrients.


p.s. I have access to utility tractor, manure, etc
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pitangadiego 09-09-2016 07:30 PM

Re: Soil prep for sandy loam soil?
Compost, Compost, Compost.

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