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Kostas 06-08-2011 05:17 PM

My "Tall Red","African Rhino Horn" and "White Iholene"

Yesterday morning,a biggish and heavy box was waiting for me at my local post office! It was my order from Achim's Bananenshop!!!!!!! :woohoonaner:
It's the first time I am receiving plants from this shop but as I was unpacking the plants,I was very pleased with what I saw! Not only were the plants ok and well packed,Achim was kind enough to include one more banana in as a gift to make up for the delay of sending my order!!!! :woohoonaner: My order was delayed for maybe a month or 2 as the White Iholene wasn't ready for shipping. But with a Tall Red as a gift,how can you mind the delay!!! Thank you very much Joachim!!!

The bananas were in excellent condition,just heavily tilted upwards from staying in the box for a week. They tilted in only a week so they should straighten up equally fast!

Here are some photos!

"White Iholene"

"African Rhino Horn"

"Tall Red"

And the whole gang together for acclimation to full sun!

Looking forward to see them grow big!!!
I hope you liked it! :)

mushtaq86 06-09-2011 03:12 PM

Re: My "Tall Red","African Rhino Horn" and "White Iholene"
very nice kostas.I got my African rhino horn from Achims two days ago with three pups attached,and in very good condition:woohoonaner:

Kostas 06-09-2011 04:50 PM

Re: My "Tall Red","African Rhino Horn" and "White Iholene"
Thanks Mushtaq86!
I am happy to hear you got yours in excellent condition as well! Mine is consisted of 2 about equal sized stems and a tiny pup! I will let them grow some and acclimate to full sun and then I will split them to individual pots. They are too young to pup and so I guess they are TCs. You can see the big difference of those VS the White Iholene which is a pup: much thinner and with many more leafs than a pup of the same size as they don't have any significant size corm to provide energy and they have to make their own.
The bananas are taking well to full sun acclimation so far with not too much burning! :woohoonaner:

Kostas 08-05-2011 09:58 AM

Re: My "Tall Red","African Rhino Horn" and "White Iholene"
Here are a few updated photos from my "African Rhino Horn"",Tall Red" and "White Iholena",taken a couple of weeks ago! The latter 2 grew a lot but the first choked badly and it just split the pseudostems free a few days before the pictures,so it didn't grow much unfortunately. It's growing real fast since it split the pseudostems though!

"African Rhino Horn"

"Tall Red"

"White Iholena" really grew a lot and became an almost perfect beauty!

I hope you liked it!!! :)

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