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Kostas 08-07-2011 04:11 AM

My "Mysore","Monkey Fingers","Praying Hands" and "Saba"!

A couple weeks ago,I received a "Mysore","Monkey Fingers","Praying Hands" and a "Saba" pup Chris was kind enough to give me,through the great help of Kat! Thank you very much both of you for the awesome pups and the help you gave me! :woohoonaner:

The package took a little longer than usual to arrive but the pups came in relatively good shape with only little rotting,except Saba. This one arrived in liquid state! It only had about an inch of good corm remaining and even this had a few rotten areas. Its survival is doubtful but the rest should be fine!

Here are a few pictures of the pups a couple of days after potting them up,2 weeks ago!


"Monkey Fingers"

"Praying Hands"

"Saba" remains...

I have been away from home the past weeks and have no idea how my bananas are doing. I really hope they have all survived and that those pups are now established and with leafs! I will update today or tomorrow with photos!!!

palmtree 08-07-2011 07:19 AM

Re: My "Mysore","Monkey Fingers","Praying Hands" and "Saba"!
I hope that they are doing well for you now! Looking forward to the update!

Kostas 08-07-2011 04:11 PM

Re: My "Mysore","Monkey Fingers","Praying Hands" and "Saba"!
Thank you very much for your kind wish Alex! I appreciate it a lot!!! :)

Just got home this afternoon and checked on them,"Mysore" is splitting the pseudostem and getting ready to push leafs through the side and "Monkey fingers" seems to have established successfully as well and should push new growth somewhen in the next weeks. "Saba" and "Praying Hands" however seem and most probably are dead unfortunately. There isn't much visible change in the successful ones so I will be posting updated photos when they hopefully start growing leafs! "Mysore" is actually my favorite from this group and "Monkey Fingers" is a diploid I always wanted, so I am very happy for what I have alive and going! Thank you very much again Chris and Kat!!!! :woohoonaner:

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