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big e 02-07-2013 07:41 PM

IF i were to test my soil for nitrogen, phosphate, and potash, how would i know if it needs fertilizer and how much?


bananimal 02-07-2013 08:44 PM

Re: Fertilizing
Change your profile to show where you are located and the zone.

jet123 02-07-2013 08:55 PM

Re: Fertilizing
It depends on your zone. During warm months bananas need a lot of fertilizer because they grow extremely fast. I am in zone 8a and in the summer months I take a handful or two of triple 16 and spread it around the plant. I do that about once a month and they seem to be fine. However, my conditions are probably different than yours. What type of climate do you live in?

big e 02-07-2013 09:12 PM

Re: Fertilizing
sorry im in zone 5 and i want to know how to tell by soil testing. and has anybody heard anything about worm tea 02-09-2013 06:30 AM

Re: Fertilizing
Best way to test soil is take samples of the areas you intend to plant in and send these samples to the University.The Universities in Florida will send you sample bags. They can do a better job testing the soil than you ever could. Just contact a university in your state for details.A lot of these soil testers or kit you purchase don't work that well and people really don't have the experience needed.The equipment the universities have are far superior to any thing you can buy.

big e 02-09-2013 10:00 AM

Re: Fertilizing
but how do i know from those results if i need to add fertilizer

momoese 02-09-2013 10:13 AM

Re: Fertilizing
Understand Soil Testing Results | National Agricultural Library 02-09-2013 01:33 PM

Re: Fertilizing

Originally Posted by big e (Post 214486)
but how do i know from those results if i need to add fertilizer

I always fertilize . Some plants are heavy feeders such as corn, cabbage, lettuce, etc and need several side feedings after planted. May I suggest you go on line to able books and get a copy of Rodale's Garden problem solver the ISBN NUMBER IS0-87857-762-9. I own a copy of this hard back book and paid about $3.00 for it. Rodale is the man who started the Organic Gardening Magazine. Which is a good publication. I once subscribed to it.

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