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Lodewijkp 11-29-2007 04:12 PM

:nanadrink: Hi banana freaks :416:

ivé got a question : How hardy is ensete ventricosum?

What is it's Leaf hardiness? With and without protection
What is it's Stem Hardiness? With and without protection
What is it's root Hardiness? With and without protection

How does it respond to the wet-cold type weather ?
How does it respond to Dry-hot weather ?
How does it respond to overwatering ? :nanadrink:
what is its disease resistance ? fungus etc.
How much light does it need?

And how does it perform in full ground?

i have also some germination questions; How long does it takes before the seedlings pop up ?

are they reliable species to germinate ?

What are the light and temperature demands of the seeds ?

So you have been questioning yourself what im up to, too much questions.
sorry but im a bananazi. :416:

Randy4ut 11-29-2007 04:50 PM

Re: E.Ventricosum
I live in SE Tennessee (7a/b) and got 5 seeds three years ago from a mail order seed co. that gave them to me for an order of something. (free gift). Well, I potted them up and 3 germinated within a few weeks. They went outside later that spring in the ground and grew pretty well. Not knowing any better, I let them stay outside overwinter with only mulch for protection. They came back the following spring because it was a very mild winter. That summer I learned they normally do not survive in my area if left out, so I dug them and stored them in my unheated garage leaned up in a corner. This past spring, I planted them and they took off and did really well. I have them in the garage again this winter. I will not leave them outside again to overwinter on their own. I really enjoy the look of these nanners and don't want to lose them.... Best of luck with your conquering of the world with them!!! You may be better conquering with Musa basjoo. ( alot less work!!! )

André Troylilas 09-07-2017 11:28 AM

Re: E.Ventricosum

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